Wright State Board needs to resign

There are 8 people on the Wright State Board of Trustees who admittedly fiddled while they burned through $130M. There have been investigations, federal fines, audits, restructuring, massive cuts, yet, all of these incompetent “leaders” are not only not taking the blame, they are continuing to destroy the school. They’ve failed to negotiate fairly or honestly with the AAUP and now have a strike about to enter it’s third week.They’ve extended the drop deadline twice, and yet, aren’t willing to negotiate.

Enrollment already was down 10% in the fall. Now, they are possibly heading to a massive dis-enrollment as students see no value in paying for classes that aren’t being taught, that aren’t moving them forward to graduation. Other schools that have had shorter strikes, have seen huge enrollment drops that took over 10 years to recover. If the goal is to destroy Wright State, Douglas Fecher, Michael Bridges, Sean Fitzpatrick, CD Moore, Anuj Goyal, Grace Ramos, William Montgomery, Stephanie E. Green, are the people who should be held accountable. Fecher, Bridges, Fitzpatrick and Moore should probably be in prison for being involved in self-dealing, via their real estate deals, involvement with the H1B visa scandal, and keeping the shell companies of WSRI, WSARC, ATIC, and Double Bowler going which have absolutely zero part in the actual mission of Wright State- which is educating and graduating students with degrees.

Governor Mike DeWine didn’t do his job as State Attorney General when he didn’t properly investigate and charge these folks with crimes that were clearly identified by the Plante Moran audit.

Now, he’s also failing.

This Board hired Dr. Cheryl Schrader, who has done nothing but further damage the university.

Let’s be absolutely clear, the only sticking point left is that the faculty is willing to join the rest of the university in a single health care plan, but they are not willing to cede all decision making over it’s benefits to management. Management thinks it can somehow replace 500 highly qualified professors and get back to business as usual- and somehow screw the strikers, by holding out.

It doesn’t work that way. What it does is evidenced by this post on Facebook that was forwarded to me of a Veteran who is about to lose everything thanks to those 8 incompetent board members, an idiot university president and a gutless governor. I’m leaving out his name, because it really doesn’t matter, because there are 17,000 students facing the same problems, while Schrader gets paid to run the university into the ground:

Wright State University, through a long series of bad moves, mismanagement and borderline criminally self interested organization has now forced the program I am in into a B-term semester rather than meet the very realistic demands of the AAUP (a faculty union associated with the school). Because of this decision my GI bill benefits are now being effectively cut nearly in half and my housing allowance is being hit hardest (how I afford to live). By forcibly removing my status as a full time student I’m effectively being made part-time against my will. I cannot transfer, I’ve used 3 of my 4 allotted years of GI bill and the program I’m enrolled in does not transfer credits, cause no film school has the same curriculum. I’m frustrated and disappointed. I spent 4 years of my life earning these education benefits and now due to corporate greed myself and many others are being caught up in a machine that is utterly tone-deaf to its own student body and their needs. This has to stop.

You do notice that I left out the newest trustee Bruce Langos, who was named to replace former trustee Nina Joshi who was allowed to go back to her private business doing government contracting work, despite being caught red-handed in the H1B visa scandal. Langos has had it with this board. Probably because he’s actually run a company that had to compete in a real market, unlike people like Bridges and former trustees, Soin and Joshi who have all benefited from their firms 8a status– a program that is so corrupt that it actually awards government contracts to people of foreign descent over Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses.

I’m a veteran. That another veteran is losing his benefits because of this boards failures is unacceptable. It’s time to file a lawsuit against this board for destroying a public institution. I would advise all students being placed in a similar situation as the one above to file a class action lawsuit against this criminal board. It may be the only way we can save Wright State.

The first person to put on the stand to testify for you will be Bruce Langos. He has something to say about his fellow board members and it’s not pretty.

Feel free to add your stories in the comments.


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