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City Commission 2019

I’m running for Dayton City Commission 2019 because we can’t afford another 4 years of Matt Joseph doing nothing.

And, because every time I’ve tried to run for these seats, the board of elections has found some way to keep me off the ballot.

I wasn’t going to run this year because I was taking care of my mother. She passed, Feb 1, 2019 just a few months shy of 91. That was a good run.

Since I moved to Dayton in January of 1986, the house I bought for $14,500 has risen more than 10 fold in value, as has my office building and my two cottages are both worth at least 8x more. My neighborhood, South Park, has been deemed a success story, and while I don’t claim to be the key to the changes, I have played a major part in the evolution. My video, South Park Soliloquy was the pivot from talking about the houses- to the value of community.

I still believe that when you invest in people, the rest follows.

And I believe that doing the basics better, makes you able to achieve greatness. It’s why I’ve hung over 500 free green basketball nets for our kids over the last 5 years- forcing the city to start actually taking care of the courts.

I’ve been a leader in Dayton for open, honest government. There isn’t any candidate in the state that’s done more to inform the public about issues in Dayton, be it torture in the Montgomery County Jail: or exposing a crooked politician and forcing his resignation

I need your help- from circulating petitions for signatures between today and Mar 5, 2019

and donations-

I promise to be an advocate for you like you’ve never seen before.

But, I can’t do it without you. So, if you are interested in helping- email me [email protected] asap to volunteer- and I’ll either deliver petitions to you- or have them here for you to pick up. Thank you.

My old election site is getting an overhaul- but, the issues are all there.