Elect Esrati campaign finance report: pre-primary

As the candidate that tries the hardest to keep voters informed, I’m posting a PDF of my campaign finances before the 4pm deadline today.

It shows that I raised $3455 by the deadline of the 19th- spent $2650 so far. I had two fundraisers that brought in $805.

If you look at this report, just be warned- it’s as convoluted as the tax code- asking for different kinds of forms for different kinds of donations etc.

As to my donors, the highest donation was $250 from Terry Posey and Kevin Busarow bought two seats at my chicken parmigiana dinner for $250. The average donation worked out to about $100.

So far my entire campaign has cost less than half of what either Nan Whaley or AJ Wagner spent on each of their websites.

My major vendor is The Next Wave- my own firm. I bill my campaign for work that my employees do, not for the work I do. Most of the money goes for printing.

I’m helped out a bit since Mayor Leitzell and David Greer went thirds with me on a printing run for a shared piece, and that I’m reusing yard signs from two campaigns ago.

I’ve also donated my time to design and prep for print both Leitzell and Greer’s materials.

Elect Esrati 2013 pre-primary Campaign Finance Report pdf

I will post the reports of the other candidates as they become available.

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  1. David Esrati April 25, 2013 / 4:43 pm

    All the other reports are up: AJ spent more on polling than my entire race. http://www.mcohio.org/boe%5CCandidate_tools%5CCF_REPORTS%5C2013%5CPre-Primary%5CCandidates%5CWagner,%20AJ%20-%202013%20Pre-Primary.PDF

    Nan took money from Penn National – the people bringing you the racino- but, the numbers are absolutely unbelievable- $178K with a bunch of $10K, $5k donations.

    Who is WIlliam Robinson in DC- who gave $5K

    AFSCME gave her $10K, The owners of Diamonds gave her $5K, plumbers and pipefitters $2.5K, The CWA gave her $10K, James Pancost of Premier Health Partners- $2500., UFCW gave her $10k.

    This is obscene: http://www.mcohio.org/boe%5CCandidate_tools%5CCF_REPORTS%5C2013%5CPre-Primary%5CCandidates%5CWhaley,%20N%20-%202013%20Pre%20Primary.PDF

    Considering how many people will vote in the primary- she would do better to send voters $100 each. She can afford it.


    Joey Williams and Jeff Mims- both have raised about $5K.



    Rounding out- Leitzell- under $1500 http://www.mcohio.org/boe%5CCandidate_tools%5CCF_REPORTS%5C2013%5CPre-Primary%5CCandidates%5CLeitzell,%20G%20-%202013%20Pre%20Primary%20Office.PDF

    Greer under $1500 http://www.mcohio.org/boe%5CCandidate_tools%5CCF_REPORTS%5C2013%5CPre-Primary%5CCandidates%5CGreer,%20D%20-%202013%20Pre%20Primary.PDF

    Lutz didn’t break the $1000 reporting minimum- or didn’t file.


  2. Marla G April 25, 2013 / 9:10 pm
    thanks for keeping your finances transparent and for keeping your integrity.  

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