DPS and failed transparency

There is a board meeting today. It’s not in the regular place- or time.

In accordance with Section 3313.16 of the Ohio Revised Code and File: BD of the Handbook of Policies, Rules & Regulations of the Board, I hereby call for a special meeting of the Board of Education of the Dayton City School District, Montgomery County, Ohio, to be held on Tuesday May 29th at 4:15 pm in room 6S-116 of the Administration Building, located at 115 S. Ludlow St., Dayton, OH 45402.

And, the agenda- well, it’s flexible.

Very flexible.

Versions of it seem to be changing by the minute. I have multiple copies, with different numbers of people to hire. (For the record, I called and suggested version numbers and publishing date and time stamps to keep track of this mess)

Some include fall sports coaches (even though they are still interviewing some today).

Note, most districts hire their fall coaches long before the school year is done. Not Dayton. We can’t plan.

In fact, this meeting was supposed to just be the Treasurers 5 year budget meeting- but, now, it’s all that plus…

If I was Libbie Lolli and trying to pull this BS, the board would fire me for incompetence. But, I’m not Libbie Lolli. She’s the one that has a website that still lists David Lawrence as the Chief of School Innovation, and Jill Drury as the Marcom person- and, oh, the person who does all this board document maintenance- Denise Gum- she’s not listed. Competence, it’s what’s not for dinner at DPS.

The fact that they are conducting business without public comment is heinous enough.

The fact that they are waiving the 48 hour rule is even more incompetent- and for the record- the 48 hours usually means business days- not holiday weekends.

Wake up Dayton, you’ve still got the chaos you had under Corr- only with a much higher price tag now. Thanks Libbie Lolli. You can quit early, right now- just like you did at every other district you had signed a contract with. This kind of incompetence is what we were trying to avoid by hiring you and paying you premium dollar.

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