Downtown centric bike share program with training wheels proposed

I may eventually get the credit for being the first voice for bike sharing, much like Tony Capizzi gets the credit for baseball downtown, but, it won’t be anytime soon.

The people at UpDayton and Metroparks with help from Dr. Ervin have released their plan for bike share lite.

Dayton Bike Share Feasibility Study Presentation 080613sm_Page_01

Click on image to download full PDF of feasibility study

 They propose a max of 30 bike share stations, with most locations in Downtown with a few across the river in Wright Dunbar and around the Art Institute, stretching down to UD, but not providing a station over at UD Arena to fully connect the campus.

No mentions of sponsorship plans, no integration with the bike paths (one of our true assets). But, most importantly, very little info on multi-modal or circulatory route benefits of bike share as a partner with local public transit. In short, a lightweight study by a team that believes in operating safely.

This plan seriously omits the opportunity to empower those who it could benefit most- our underclass living in poverty and needing affordable mobility. The plan as proposed is far from the empowering engine I first presented.

Call this- Bike Share for yuppies, DINCs and all those who can afford a bike, but don’t want the hassle of having to think about riding.

Please reconsider Scott Murphy, Aaron Buckley, Amy Forsthoefel, Matt Lindsay, Grant Neeley, Emily Wilk, Andy Williamson. I know many of you- and I know you are capable of thinking bigger than this.

Re-read what I’ve posted over the years:

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