Campaign update

In my bid to be Dayton’s next City Commissioner for under $10,000 in expenditures and $10K in in-kind donations, I reached a milestone yesterday when I went over $6,000 raised, from 92 donors. Which means I only have $4,000 more to raise and spend to stick to my $10,000 pledge. However, I’ve only received about $1,400 in in-kind donations, so I have some room there, since I am able to accept up to $10k in in-kind donations.

My second box of nets was bought by Scott Hewitt who owns Painless Windows. He’s a client, a friend and he even came out a few nights and helped me hang nets and clear courts of weeds, grass and glass. By midweek, I’m going to need a third box- if anyone wants to donate, stop down at Tuffy Brooks on Keowee and pick up a box, it’ll be $200 plus tax or about $217. Ask for Jim.


See comments- case bought 10 am Monday

The video probably has a lot more views than what YouTube records since many of the views are from embeds from Facebook and don’t make the counter rise. The original one right now has 508 views and 14 likes. The new version with improved audio and more people in the credits- has 61 views 5 likes and 1 dislike. There are 2 comments on the first, one comment on the second. I’d like to get the second version to be seen by more people and have more likes and comments. I’m hoping to convince some major philanthropists to step forward and help me get some new rims and backboards to fix the worst cases.

Next week I’m going to start to do a post about every court, with pictures of each backboard, front and back, court conditions, location, etc., with pictures- so we have an inventory of courts, needs and conditions. I’ll also be placing a sticker on the poles with my phone number for net replacement. The stencil’s numbers aren’t really readable.

After I’m elected, I hope to use the URL to serve as an online community to start organizing neighborhood teams, and citywide street ball tournaments. I think our kids need positive things to do- and some organization to make it happen. I’ll be working with AAU people, the people at the Kroc center- and the schools to start coordinating a real recreational ball program- and not just for kids- we should have senior leagues, too.

Heading into the home stretch in September and October, I’ll need a lot of volunteers to go out and talk to voters and to distribute literature- although you can start now. If you’re interested in helping, please sign up here:

I’m also going to try to coordinate a courts task force- to go out and weed and clean as many courts as possible in a day. I think it would be fun to load us all on a bus- and go to each court as a mass. If anyone has a bus and driver they could volunteer- let me know. I don’t know if I have the balls to ask for everyone to pay for the privilege of pulling weeds- but, I was thinking of doing a t-shirt for everyone who volunteers. Tell me what you think in comments please.

I’m going to have to do another fundraiser or two as well, unless some big donations start rolling in. I’ve got more literature that will need to be printed, and some other campaign expenses coming up. Early money is more valuable than late money- especially when you will cap the campaign at $10K. Note, donations over $10k will go into a fund to buy rims, backboards, etc.

Thanks everyone who has helped out- especially the barbers and beauticians who’ve supported this campaign as if they owned it. Spread the word- and keep telling the story about the candidate who puts up nets instead of yard signs.

One last note- when our kids are involved in organized activities in the community- there is no limit on their creativity and skills- watch this video of the Invincible Regulating Striders- from the drill team competition at yesterday’s block party at Westwood School. Simply amazing. They are on their way to a national competition in New Orleans to represent our city. Wow. Enjoy!

We need more activities like this for our kids.


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