Doris Haddock- Hero for Campaign Finance reform, silenced at 100

At age 89, “Granny D” Doris Haddock walked across the country to protest the selling out of our elected officials.

With the country now looking to have corporate America buy the next election, she won’t be here to suffer the results.

“It just infuriates me!” she said, balling her hands into fists and striking the table. “I feel we are losing our democracy. The corporations are taking over and deciding who gets elected.”

Doris Haddock, Cross-Country Walker, Dies at 100 – Obituary (Obit) –

She said that in 1989.

Last night in talking to Mayor Leitzell at the South Park Tavern, he said that if he decides to run again in four years- he’ll pledge to spend no more than $10K, to give his opposition a chance. Of course, if he’s doing his job right- why would we want to replace him? While it’s too early to judge his performance, if he sticks to that pledge, we’ll know what kind of leader we have- one that Granny D would have been proud of.

A while back, I proposed the “Dayton Process“- it’s not dead, and I’m still looking for candidates who wish to run in next year’s city commission race. Matt Joseph and Dean Lovelace will be up for challenge.

I wonder, would either of these incumbents make the same kind of pledge to limit their campaign expenses?

Matt, Dean? Want to make a pledge now to honor an old woman who walked from sea to shining sea to push for this kind of change?

Feel free to make the pledge here. Comment below.

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