Don’t try this at work

Memo to City Of Dayton administrators: Don’t be stupid.

A city of Dayton administrator is the subject of an internal investigation after she allegedly e-mailed a newsletter to employees that featured an off-color joke with Peanuts cartoon character Charlie Brown.

Employees received an e-mail on July 2 from Dynetta Brown-Griffith, the city’s Department of Water Safety administrator, with an attachment regarding safety in the workplace.

The cartoon appears next to a section headlined “Allergy Meds at Work,” which details some allergy medications that might be harmful to use at work.

via Off-color Charlie Brown cartoon has city administrator in hot water.


Note- I don’t think this is newsworthy. But, I do believe in keeping you informed. Someone asked what the cartoon was- here it is.

off color charlie brown cartoon

Bad taste for business communications

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John Ise
John Ise

This is offensive!?!

larry sizer

Thanks for getting it for me, I tried to find it on my own and failed. So this is the infamous Charlie Brown cartoon. What is the big deal, I got a chuckle out of it, nothing more then a close read, and passed it off. I would classify it has a ho hum. How anyone would make a case out of this, needs to live a life and not a dream.

John Ise
John Ise

Now I see how this is a problem.  I didn’t see Charlie Brown’s…err…woody.  That is a bit of a problem.