938 people required 2 mailings

Inspector Gotcha was involved in the board of election mailing.

Despite the fact that it was a Dem primary- they had to mail every household with the notification, in case people wanted to switch parties.

Of course, graphic design is NOT the BOE’s specialty.

Application for Absentee Ballot in 13 July 2010 OH-3 special

The request- with the party affiliation box click to download full size PDF

So- 938 people got their original absentee request returned- and asked to spend another 44 cents to get a ballot. Here is the breakdown:

  • 277 voters requested a Republican party ballot.
  • 4 voters requested a Constitution party ballot.
  • 4 voters requested a Green party ballot.
  • 4 voters requested a Libertarian party ballot.
  • 379 voters did not request a specific party ballot.
  • 81 voters requested an issues only ballot.
  • 189 voters requested a Democratic party ballot that their applications were incomplete to process.

Since the BOE can’t tell us how many of these made it back a second time-  and the total number of absentee’s requested was 5710, we’re looking at a 16% failure rate. And, BTW- when was the last time there was a Socialist party primary in Montgomery County? 1924?

Compound that with not putting up signs at traditional polling places and you have a very sloppy election process.

Of course, the BOE seems to get a hall pass by most for their actions.

And while some may think this organization is doing all it can- all one has to do is compare websites of Board of Elections in Ohio to realize there are huge differences from County to County- and the Secretary of States office could do a much better job of moving this whole process forward.

I’d love to have a real interview of both Jon Husted and Maryellen O’Shaughnessy to find what their plans are to bring these offices into the 20th century.

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