Do not go to jail, it’s dangerous

Reports are slowly coming in about an incident that happened 2 weeks ago in the Montgomery County Jail. An inmate, was beat for almost 15 minutes in his cell, by 8 other inmates while being held in a “rollover cell.” Two or three other inmates in the 12 person cell didn’t participate, but also didn’t hit the panic button for fear of them being next.

The inmate was taken to the hospital where he has been in ICU for the last two weeks. The prognosis is not good, with him suffering a brain bleed, facial fractures and other injuries.

This was before another genius guard lost a pepper spray, only to end up in the hands of an inmate who gassed 8 other inmates in a reported story. What was left out was that when the cell was cleared, multiple homemade weapons were found including multiple shanks (sharpened objects that can be used like knives).

This will cost the taxpayers another million or so in a settlement, while we continue to let the jail be run by the same people who’ve already cost us over $10M in settlements.

I seem to recall a candidate who ran for Dayton City Commission who’s number one priority was a safe jail. Too bad for Lance Jones, because that guy didn’t get elected.

Just remember, you can be in jail before you are found guilty of anything. Are you willing to continue to take the chance that you, your loved ones, or friends, are next?

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