Dennis Kucinich- also honest to a fault

If you didn’t catch Dennis Kucinich’s speech last night- you should take 5 minutes to watch it.

He may not have Obama’s oration skills- but he nails what the last 8 years of GWB have done to our country.

And for those of you who are complaining that we never have good candidates- how many times have we ignored this one? He’s not tall enough? Not good looking enough? He sure sounds like he got it right last night with his “Wake up America” speech (and I’m sure he never heard Earl Pitts, Americun on WLW).

When he was the “boy mayor” of Cleveland, big money tried to embarrass him every step of the way. They fought him when they wanted to privatize the public utility (that’s right, Cleveland owned it’s own electric company- and made its own electricity for the streetlights). He’s been right on the war from the start.

The reality is, we need to wake up to what the system has become- a twisted beauty contest of “who doesn’t offend us”, instead of who will defend us. Us little people have been getting killed by this political machine- and it’s our own fault for listening to a system so corrupted with money that if the lobbyists stopped talking our “leaders” wouldn’t know what to talk about, how to vote, or what they are supposed to do.

If you need a clue- you didn’t watch this video.

(thanks to ‘in the burg for passing this on- and to my Dad for standing up for Dennis for the last 25+ years)

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