Dear Friend, did you read it here first?

How clueless is Montgomery Country Democratic Party chairman Mark Owens? If he’d bothered investigating my site and positions- he would have known about the Turner Effect slush fund back in Jul of 07 instead of announcing it in this e-mail blast for Jane (and e-mail is so 3 years ago- where’s her RSS feed?)

Here’s the text:

Screenshot of Jane Mitakides e-mail about Turner Effect Dear Friend,

Have you seen these stories? This weekend, the Dayton Daily News raised serious ethical questions about the million dollar no-bid contract given to a company owned by Mark Turner’s wife from the Dayton Development Coalition, which lobbies federal officials to fund local projects. These two articles (1) (2) show why we must finally put the politics of Tom Noe, Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff, no-bid contracts, and backroom deals behind us so that we can achieve real and last changing in this country.

That is also why we must help Jane Mitakides bring about the change by defeating Mike Turner and his kind. I urge you to visit today and volunteer, contribute, and signup so that we can finally have a representative in Congress who actually represents our best interest.

Thank you,

Mark E. Owens
Chair, Montgomery County Democratic Party

So, why can’t Jane speak for herself? Why is it Mark Owens sending this e-mail? Do you really want a candidate who can’t look Mike Turner in the eye and call the question? Your best answer- a donation to my campaign.

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