DDN Gets it right!: Wiseman is best pick for Common Pleas Court in primary

Not that it was hard to see that Mary Wiseman was the superior choice for Common Please Court- her primary opponent made a complete idiot of himself in the screening.

Our recommendation: Wiseman is best pick for Common Pleas Court in primary
Mary Wiseman should not lose this contest. She has proven her clearly superior qualifications in an impressive career in both public and private work.

Having known Ms. Wiseman for at least a dozen years, I can’t think of a better candidate for judge, or a person better suited for the job.

I also remember when I was one of a gaggle of candidates, including Ms. Wiseman, in the race for Commission:  someone sent out an anonymous piece of literature questioning her qualifications based on her sexual orientation. I organized all the candidates to denounce it. All signed, except for Mike Turner’s protégée,  Mike Osgood, who declined.

It seems, that good, is winning over evil for now.

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