Answers to the Montgomery County Democratic Party Screening Committee.

I’m due to screen on Wednesday, Jan 23rd at 6 pm ish- after that, I head to the Warren County Democratic Party to screen there. The MCDP screening committee sent me the exact same questions they asked when I last screened.

As always, they somehow feel this is done best in secret. I don’t agree.

I’m posting my questions to their questionnaire here for all to see. I don’t understand why this can’t be done in public.

Quite frankly, they will look like hypocrites if they endorse Jane Mitakides who they refused to endorse at the last meeting, and weak if they don’t endorse at all. Charles W. Sanders hasn’t been able to launch an effective campaign in the past when running for this seat.

The attached is a PDF. David Esrati’s answers to the Montgomery County Democratic Party Screening Committee

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