It’s sad- that a “young professional” who just left Dayton and finds himself in Phoenix- is now publishing a site to allow the comments on articles the DDN closes them on:

this site was built by a former daytonian who still cares about the old hometown., or ddf for short, exists to provide an alternative place for people from Dayton, OH to write and comment on the news of the day in their region.

it was built in less than an hour as a result of frustration with the Dayton Daily News website’s terrible commenting system on stories.

here, comments are free and uncensored (as long as it’s not illegal) – and users are free to rate, comment, and reply to comments as they please. your email will not be viewable to the web, it’s just needed to comment, and i promise to never sell you out to spammers. have at it, and try to have fun.

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It’s time the Dayton Daily News had a discussion with the community about how it chooses what stories to allow comments on- and how it moderates the comments. Putting stories online without commenting is dismissing the intelligence of the few remaining readers they have.

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