Super Bowl Ads and Abortion might not mix

The Huffington Post just released a story saying the whole Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad that’s slated to run during the Super Bowl may be a fairy tale. Which is just great- after we ripped the premise of it in today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show.

A commercial featuring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam that is likely to air during Super Bowl XLIV may be rife with inaccuracies, according to power lawyer Gloria Allred.

The ad, which is expected to promote an anti-choice message, will be based on the theme “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.” The Christian conservative group Focus on the Family has paid for the spot. James Dobson, the group’s founder, has a history of inflammatory statements and once said that gay marriage will “destroy the earth.”

Despite resistance from women’s groups, the ad is expected to air during the Super Bowl. It is believed that the commercial will focus on Pam Tebow’s 1987 pregnancy, during which time she fell ill in the Philippines. According to reports, doctors recommended that she abort the pregnancy, but she chose to go through with the birth of her son Tim.

Tebow grew up to be one of the most accomplished and celebrated stars in college football history, capturing two national championships and becoming the first sophomore to win the Heisman trophy.

Because abortion under any circumstance has been illegal in the Philippines since 1930 and is punishable by a six-year prison term, Allred says she finds it hard to believe that doctors would have recommended the procedure.

The attorney, who has represented a roster of famous clients, claims she will lodge a complaint with the FCC and FTC “if this ad airs and fails to disclose that abortions were illegal at the time Ms. Tebow made her choice,” according to RadarOnline.

via Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad May Be Based On Falsehood.

America watches the Super Bowl to get away from the day-to-day crap of politics. We watch the ads- hoping to be entertained. For some reason, James Dobson and “Focus on the Family” think it’s god’s will to mix politics with pigskin.

Bad move. So enjoy our segment titled: “If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed them.”

Abortion is wrong. But ignoring birth control is just stupid. If the “Focus on the family” spent the money on helping family’s plan their children, we may solve quite a few problems.

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Boss said “what a waste of time.” I happen to agree.

Go Tim. And go Man Crunch … dot com. Another AD during th SB…. maybe…

D. Greene

Abortion + Major media event = instant controversy. just add water, or in this case, lots and lots of alcohol. the national mega ritual will never be the same.

Ice Bandit

“Liberals are all for diversity of opinion, until they discover there really is diversity of opinion.” William F Buckley, from the book God and Man at Yale
Gloria Allred is angry and so is David Esrati and that can only mean one thing; somebody is doing something right. Last time the Old Bandito checked his tattered and tore copy of the constitution, freedom of speech was guaranteed to all, regardless of it happens to critique the most sacred of the left’s bovines. Of course, in the posts last sentence, David falls back on that tired and overused old bromide about how the Reverend Dobson should have spent the $1 million or so a 30 second spot on the Super Bowl costs. However, the Old Bandito doesn’t remember the Reverend Dobson telling David Esrati how he should spend his money. Gloria Allred and the other Nuns in the Order of the Perpetually Pissed Off should pass the hat until there is a million or so, and produce a commercial of their own with a testimonial from some gal with the story “I got an abortion 22 years ago, and I’m glad I did.” Lacking that, they should just shut the hell up and enjoy the game like the rest of us………..


I love the fact that Esrati wanted/stated that someone else’s money should be spent in “such-n-such” way. It is frickin unreal that this guy or any other blood sucking, I mean money sucking, liberal wants to spend other people’s money.

Liberals have no idea about what it takes for someone else to earn money. They sure the hell rarely pony up cash out of their wallets for charities and such, but they just love the “tax the other guy/tax the rich” and want to spend it on sex education and other worthless programs. Let me keep my money, please. After all I earned it. 

 Here is a thought – stop shaggin’. The “Can’t feed ’em. don’t breed’em” is racist and classist. And this from a bleeding heart liberal DEsrati…. Sex education is needed. But I am not in favor of handing out things to the kidos… No one ever give me anything for free.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Here is a thought – stop shaggin’.

Gene, that is not going to happen as we happen to be fairly successful at breeding.  So we have to deal with the issue with intelligence not ignorance.  Abstinence only is ignorance.  Is that what Religion and Republicans want to stand for.

The “Can’t feed ‘em. don’t breed’em” is racist and classist.

Is it racist?  It seems to apply to all colors?  Classist, it seems to me you have continually expressed this same sentiment ad nauseum in your posts.   Are you mad we agree with you?
Gene, that is not going to happen.

I got an abortion 22 years ago, and I’m glad I did.” Lacking that, they should just shut the hell up and enjoy the game like the rest of us………..

I have read your posts about one of your rendezvous resulting in pregnancy and it turned out great and I say good for you.  I do not think you could get anyone to say abortion was the right decision on tape but I have talked to PLENTY that regret it but in hindsight knew it was the best decision at the time.

My main contention is that with education the choice of abortion would hardly ever get made, but neither you or Gene address that premise.  You both go after a small part of the argument to gloss over the points that you cannot legitimately argue.


Every county in America has abandoned children sitting in foster care waiting to be adopted.  A week doesn’t pass when there isn’t some godawful newstory about some poor kid being the victim of something dreadful. Children in this country are going to bed hungry, living on the streets, not enrolled in school because they don’t have a home address, being pimped by their drug addicted mothers, and generally existing in a kind of hell on earth. When each and every one of those children has been looked after by the do-gooders and the bible-thumpers, when they are all warm and fed and clothed and  housed and educated and safe; then and only then will I give a shit about what the anti-abortion crowd has to say. They don’t care about real live breathing kids, they don’t even care about “killing babies,” they only care about keeping women in shackles.


Why the “do-ggoders” and “bible-thumpers?” Why not you Larkin?

Think about this…. you want people to pay taxes for trains and state fairs and parks. Why not take those wasted tax dollars and spend them on these kids. I know, it is hard to be a liberal, always wanting others money for the government to take care of “it.” Lots of waste, but lots of “wants” by the liberals.

I am certain those you hate give more to this cause than most liberals. But keep up the arts programs.

Craig, I was joking about the racist/classist thing. That is what a typical liberal says to me when I say can’t feed ’em don’t breed ’em.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Think about this…. you want people to pay taxes for trains and state fairs and parks. Why not take those wasted tax dollars and spend them on these kids..

Let’s try David Brooks of the NYT about spending on Geezers vs the Young.   Geno my boy let’s take from the Geezers and spend on the kids, which might include state fairs, parks and trains.

The odd thing is that when you turn to political life, we are living in an age of reverse-generativity. Far from serving the young, the old are now taking from them. First, they are taking money. According to Julia Isaacs of the Brookings Institution, the federal government now spends $7 on the elderly for each $1 it spends on children.
Now for those wonderful Baptist Missionaries.

The Americans, most of whom are affiliated with two Baptist churches in Idaho, said they were trying to rescue orphans from the earthquake and take them to an orphanage they were setting up in the Dominican Republic. But that noble intent came under scrutiny on Monday as questions were raised about whether all of the children were indeed orphans.

Ice Bandit

   Larkin; thank you for opening the Old Bandito’s eyes. Obviously under the limiting veil of 20th century thinking, the Old Bandito pleads guilty to assuming that child bearing was the responsibilty of parents and any pimpin’, starvin’ or abuse of kids was a criminal matter of the utmost gravity. But thanks to your post, the Old Bandito can see the illumination and now realizes who the real villains are; do-gooders and Bible-thumpers. Now many of the Old Bandito’s acquaintances of the Libertarian mindset argue that all this abuse was the predictable and inevitable result of what is called the “iron law of subsidy.” If, the thesis goes, the government subsidizes corn with which to make ethanol, a government subsidy to farmers will ensure we will get more kernals than can possibly be distilled. And thru such programs as ADC, Section Eight and Food Stamps, Uncle Sam makes it possible and probable for the most inept, unworthy and criminally inclined of society to pop out a DNA replica every nine months. Take away the subsidy, the Libertarians argue, and 15 year olds will think long and hard (bad pun intended) before having exercising in the activities that will result in their third kid. But thanks to your post, Dear Larkin, the Old Bandito now has the intellectual ammo to argue that it isn’t Uncle Sam nor the perpetually pregnant subculture to blame, but the Pope and Pat Robertson. Why, without the pernicous influence of this dreadful duo, every kid would be wearing Abercrombie and Fitch and on the Honor Roll, and we could turn the new Juvie Hall on West Second Street into a luxury hotel for lack of use…………..

Ice Bandit

  My main contention is that with education the choice of abortion would hardly ever get made, but neither you (Ice Bandit) or Gene address that premise. (Greg Hunter)

   Greg, dear Greg. You misunderstand the Old Bandito; he was neither ducking nor dodging your argument about the link between education and abortion; he merely thought the assertion was too ridiculous to warrant a response. Daily the American public is inundated with media messages about the evil that is drunk driving, and yet every day doctors and judges and lawyers and cops (in other words, educated folks who know better) blow a .2o reading into the Intoxilyzer. When the problem of STDs and new AIDs cases overwhelmed Atlanta, a pilot program dragged everyone busted for prostitution (including males) into compulsory government classes about the dangers. Follow-up surveys showed that the government mandated education had zero impact on the targeted audience, who left the classrooms and headed straight for a street corner. And “book-learnin”, the Old Bandito reminds you dear Greg, is not the only type of education. By the time an individual is dragged into the subculture of heroin addiction, they know full well the possible consequences of picking up for the first time a syringe loaded with Black Tar. Fact is, dear Greg, education justs bounces off dysfunction and compulsion, a lesson the Old Bandito learned years ago when he lectured students about the danger of alcohol during the day and drank himself into oblivion every night……..


Craig – the point is that people are more important than a train or a state fair or a park. Taking from one group of needy people and giving it to another is a waste of time and money. Why not just eliminate things that are not essentials for life? I can live without trains and state fair and parks, and a lot of other things that the government wastes money on. But liberals (well, tbh, all GD politicians) love to spend tax dollars on whatever will get them re-elected. It is like taking a drunk to an “open” bar at a wedding or Tiger to a strip club, these folks just can’t help themselves – or well in this case that is all they do is help themselves to other people’s money.  Trains and parks are not as important as baby or Grandma.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Take away the subsidy, the Libertarians argue, and 15 year olds will think long and hard (bad pun intended) before having exercising in the activities that will result in their third kid.

Really, 15 year olds do not think, but they might wear a condom or if females and males were taught more about how their bodies actually function.  I would love to teach sex education and intelligent design in schools.

Geno I know you never were given anything but lets decide to put overweight geriatrics on diet before we replace their knees and used the left over saving to distribute condoms and sex education.  What do you say?

If, the thesis goes, the government subsidizes corn with which to make ethanol, a government subsidy to farmers will ensure we will get more kernals than can possibly be distilled.

Hey Bandito, Corn Growers are the laziest human beings on the planet.  Subsidies which flow to Agribusiness that destroys family farms as well as sustainable farming practices.  Remember Corn subsidies also allow ADM, ConAgra and Cargill to get cheap feed stock to undermine the production of “healthy food”   Grass fed beef, white sweet corn, tomatoes, beens, cucumbers, Viagra (err Pork), fruits, nuts and chickens on interspersed farms provides healthy food and resiliency.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Trains and parks are not as important as baby or Grandma.

Wow, I cannot argue that one.  Let me reverse the vasectomy and fill the world with babies and grandmas and it will be a Garden of Eden.   Really you cannot make it up.


Those things, Craig, I do not argue. BTW, I am pro-choice. Kids need sex ed. Distribution on rubbers is another thing, but sex ed is a must. And should start in the home. The schools already teach sex ed. But education will not solve the problems of “sex” as it pertains to “abortion.” I believe 60% of abortions are perfromed on woman who have at least one baby already. You should now get the “education” point.

And people on assistance for medical care should be put on diets. Fat asses who pay for it themselves can do what they want. Heck, that goes for all on government assisted food programs.

I am not for having more kids, especially kids that will not be cared for. Larking turned this into an argument that included kids that are here now and need help now. This is what I am talking about. Taking your train money and putting it towards actual “PEOPLE” who need help now, both young and old. Grow up and learn the differnce between what I said and what you think I said.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

And should start in the home. The schools already teach sex ed. But education will not solve the problems of “sex” as it pertains to “abortion.”

I would argue that because of Religion, the schools do not teach at all, nor do they offer an Opinion on the Subject.  Home really, Isn’t that where old Geno says the problem starts, so as a Tax Payer for the school system I want education to at least have some standards. Scott Elliot has been reporting on this issue and I will let Angelle Answer.

In response to those asking “Where are the parents?” and the corollary “Should society pay for these children having children?”, I would say this is why comprehensive sexual education is critical in public schools. Public schools, as originally conceived, function for the public good by creating citizens and workers who are better prepared to contribute than they would otherwise be. Hence, if these children’s parents are failing them (and having children before they can drive seems a fairly strong indicator that they ARE), the school should step up for the good of the child AND the good of society. This need will be heavier for urban or impoverished rural districts, where the pressures on parents and families are often overwhelming. Whatever people believe, I simply can’t fathom that anyone WANTS these children, our future employees, neighbors and eventual caretakers, to make such monumental mistakes at such a young age. They need what all young people need – good information and good guidance. Surely none of us is so cruel or blind to what is in our own best interests as to deny this to our children.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Wow is that some edumacation on Sex.  NOT!  Look it does not become comprehensive until they are pregnant.  No wonder we are losing ground.  Thanks Scott

Ice Bandit

Hey Bandito, Corn Growers are the laziest human beings on the planet (Greg Hunter)

   Greg, dear Greg. The Old Bandito is going to assume you typed this sentence in anger and haste. For soon, the Buckeye broadcast media will be awash with commercials for herbicides, which the corn farmers will need to ensure a fall bounty. Then the fertilizing, tilling and planting, and weeding under the extreme and unforgiving July Ohio sun. And this doesn’t even include the time praying for favorable weather, nor the laborious late summer harvest. And yet, despite knowing all of this dear Greg, you contend that corn farmers have less ambition than the project dweller who spend their days in drama and leisure, eschewing job training and education, whose vocation and avocation is checking the mailbox on the month’s third day…….


To clarify: those who have sex ed talked about in the home are least likely to be the problem. So it is a “lack” of the home that is the problem here.

Those most involved in the church will be less likely to get pregnant/get someone pregnant. BC of Religion, God? Maybe. But more likely it is bc those kids that go to church have caring parents. Kids, in general, do not attend church by themselves.

Of course there are cases where kids with good parents and who go to church get prego/get someone prego. Again, I am all for education, and more of it. I never stated differently. But you can beat them over the head with it and it will not matter at all if the parent(s) , most likely just the mommy, is worried about the 1st of the month and where the party is at…. Parents, in most all situations, are the key. Again, 60% of abortions are from woman who have a kids so they already know and they don’t learn either. Parents have a little bit better chance on getting through then some one year wonder 8th grade sex ed teacher.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

I know it takes alot to read the link on resiliency, but the just like the laziness that ruined GM, so too will corn farmers ruin things.  I admit I love farm life, but one that is diverse, not monoculture which is intellectually lazy and suffers from the vagaries you mentioned.  At least take a look at the table and compare factory farming to intelligent farming.  Or try Masanobu Fukuoka

Ice Bandit

  I admit I love farm life, but one that is diverse, not monoculture which is intellectually lazy and suffers from the vagaries you mentioned. (Greg Hunter)

  Not long ago, the Old Bandito advanced the argument that none other than David Esrati, when he was arguing against government in a recent post, was a secret libertarian wolf in a liberal sheeps clothing. The same may be said of thee, dear Greg, for the agricultral monoculture you justifably bemoan is the result of the iron law of government subsidy. Do you really think all American farmers simultaneously wake up one March morning and simultaneouly cry aloud “hey, think I’ll plant more corn than the ethanol plants can handle,” like the plot of a second rate horror flick by M. Night Shamaylan? Get rid of the subsidy, and like magic, farmers are incentivized to venture into new areas. Your conversion towards Libertarianism is underway, dear Greg, do not deny or fight it. And when you catch it, you will be well………

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Libertarianism is underway, dear Greg, do not deny or fight it. And when you catch it, you will be well………

Ohh, I think I have it I just cannot get agreement on what it means so I will fight for what is correct.  Do Libertarians believe in Traffic Signals and Traffic Laws?  Or are these infringements on a person’s freedoms?  If Libbys agree with traffic laws, then what other laws are libby and what are not?

Ice Bandit

Do Libertarians believe in Traffic Signals and Traffic Laws? (Greg Hunter)

 Freedom not suicide. Smaller and limited government, not anarchy. Government as referee, and not as goon or pimp…..

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

It would appear that if you pay middle school people money, providing much needed attention and have “realistic” guidance on sex then abstinence education has been shown to work.  I doubt this curricula could be applied to the classroom but as a matter of full disclosure I am posting.

Dr. Jemmott’s research followed 662 African-American students at urban middle schools, who were paid $20 a session to attend the classes, plus follow-up and evaluation sessions. The abstinence-only classes covered HIV, abstinence and ways to resist the pressure to have sex.
“This new study is game-changing,” said Sarah Brown of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, in a statement. “For the first time, there is strong evidence that an abstinence-only intervention can help very young teens delay sex and reduce their recent sexual activity as well. Importantly, the study also shows that this particular abstinence-only program did not reduce condom use among the young teens who did have sex.”
Ms. Brown noted that the abstinence-only classes in the Jemmott study centered on people with an average age of 12 and that unlike the federally supported abstinence programs now in use, did not advocate abstinence until marriage.
The classes also did not portray sex negatively or suggest that condoms are ineffective, and contained only medically accurate information. Dr. Jemmott’s abstinence-only course was designed for the research, and is not in current use in schools.



Gene, we are investigating adopting an inner city child. My husband is 66, and a bit concerned that he will not be able to keep up with a toddler. Otherwise, it would be underway. What are you doing to solve the problem? Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? I’m surprised you’re not out campaigning for mandatory abortion for some members of certain social classes, given your ongoing contempt for them.  
Ice Bandit, why use six words where six thousand will do?  I can’t respond to what you said because your posts are unintelligible. 
You boys proved my point though. No one really gives a shit about these kids once they’re born. The only way to regulate abortion is to keep it safe and legal– that provides a mechanism for setting limits. The realm of illegal abortion is anarchy and abortion without rules at all. 
Finally, the desire to outlaw abortion is only an issue for people who want to keep women enslaved. The right to choose in a terrible circumstance is the last place where women have “a” power that men don’t have and the men don’t like it. 


I don’t thin the “problem” is as big as you think Larkin. But I stated above that rather than spend tax money on trains and parks and other worthless stuff they may want to focus time, energy and money towards this “problem.” I think the parents of these kids should be held responsible, but no liberal wants that.

Put my money where my mouth is? I am not the one who thinks it is a huge problem. I donate money and food – that is all I ever do. I know it is not the grand pat-on-the-back helping kids build tree houses, but I am busy. Plenty of money and food have been donated from this household. Where it goes? Not sure…. probably to the same people I give gifts to during Christmas, you know the needy, all to find out they are play x-box and drinking coke and eating candy bars when the “gifters” showed up at their door.
I hate abortion, but I believe people have the right to choose.

IB is easy to understand, so it must be you Larkin. You just don;t get that you blame the Christians right and do-gooders when the parents of these kids are the responsbile ones. That is where you sounded kind of stupid dear.

I think people should help more, my point was take the “train” money and spend it on people who need it. And put those parents in jail, or better yet abort them.


I don’t blame the Christian right for the fact that women will seek abortions. I blame the Christian right for only caring about the “unborn.” I blame them for not caring about their fellow living breathing human beings. 
I don’t expect you to go out and build playgrounds. I think giving food and clothing is better than what most do. I wish others would do more.  I stand by my original remarks as regards Ice Bandit. (I even went back and tried again.) 


That is what I am talking about – how do you know how much the CR does or does not do? You BLAME them…… WTF is that? Why don’t you blame liberals who don’t do enough, or white people who don’t do enough, or woman, etc……. They do a lot I am sure. I have not idea how to quantify it, but I will bet my ass that the CR does more for kids who go unfeed and unloved than any other group.

You are a writer. You need to select better words and explain things better. Or if you stand by what you said:

“I blame the Christian right for only caring about the “unborn.” I blame them for not caring about their fellow living breathing human beings.”

Really? BLAME? Get a life Larkin. Read your shit statement again. The CR does more than you do, I do, and every other group. You are unreal. Who the hell feeds the poor more than any other group? Muslims?

Ice Bandit

I can’t respond to what you (Ice Bandit) said because your posts are unintelligible. (Larkin)

 Ok, the Old Bandito will make this as monosyllabic as possible. The Old Bandito does not want to outlaw abortion. It is a freedom issue and the Old Bandito is kinda’ partial to those. After a flirtation with abortion 30 years ago, it is not the decision he would ever make for himself. The Old Bandito has also adopted two children, a special needs caucasian and a girl of Mexican ancestry whose parents were killed while in the US, probably illegally. Methinks, however, you have a real prejudice against evangelical Christians, which no amount of logic or debate will alter. Gene hints that your anger may be more logically directed against liberals, but as mentioned, logic bounces off your bias and bigotry like bullets off the Man of Steel. Or perhaps, since you seem to be interested in the adoption process, rail against an adoption system that is so complicated, expensive and time consuming people find it easier to go to Beijing. And the same system that denies Americans easy adoption thinks nothing of handing children to foster parents who, prior to going on vacation, duct-tape their special needs wards and throw them in the closet. Examples of Christian largesse towards children are everywhere, but your bigotry, dear Larkin, leaves you blind…….

First of all, I post here under my real name. More than you can say, “Ice Bandit.” What kind of courage does that take?  And what kind of person can only refer to themselves in the third person? No wonder it’s so hard to wade through the sludge you write.   Bias and bigotry? I beg your pardon? I am white. My husband is Asian. My child is biracial. He attends a school that is more integrated than most in the country. Our wonderful neighbors are predominantly black. I am the stepmother to two adopted Korean daughters, now grown. I lived for 18 years in a state that is predominantly Republican, and continue to have many friends whose opinions are not carbon copies of my own.    I never said that Christians don’t help to look after the world’s less fortunate. The Catholics, in particular, have done a tremendous amount of work in this area, which helps ameliorate some of the terrific mess they continue to foster with their backwards notions of contraception, sexuality and AIDS treatment and prevention. Hooray for them.     However– some of the leading agencies in alleviating famine and despair– Doctors without Borders, Unicef, the Red Cross, Oxfam, CARE, the Peace Corps, etc. are groups that have a decidedly nondenominational core, which is good considering that much of the work they do is for populations that don’t happen to be Christian.    Even so, the Christians that are out there helping to make the situation better are not the Christian Right. The Christian Right is so divorced from Jesus’ teachings that they probably can’t even name them. Their behavior speaks for itself. If you think that people working against a woman’s right to choose are working FOR children who have been born into massively disadvantaged situations, try asking them.  Just try. I dare you.    Let me assure you that the Yuppies that go to China or Eastern Europe (and now Haiti) to adopt a child are NOT doing so because it’s difficult to adopt a child in their own city. It’s trendy to have… Read more »

Forgot two things.
1. You both are conveniently ignoring that what I specifically said is that those working to prevent women from choosing abortion are not working to help the children that are already born. That’s the original premise of my statement. Calling me names does not make it any less true.
2. “Ice Bandit,” I am not your “dear,” so I will thank you for refraining from using the same. 


It was the word “blame” that you used to desribe one particular group – which, btw, is a large group of people who come in many shapes and sizes and can not truely be defined by just saying Christian Right. Many Catholics can be lumped into this group, yet you stated above the do help disadvantaged children.

Why not blame the Secular/Atheist Left for not doing enough? Can you see now that you kin of sound…. stupid. You are not stupid of course, but just retract the word “blame.” You could have said this and it would have been a bit more politically correct (funny I get to tell you in regards to such a thsoing)

“The Christian Right may be better off, may do more good if they would concentrate their efforts helping disadvantaged children rather than concentrating their efforts on stopping abortion.”

That was quick and to the pont. Maybe not the best, but there was no BLAME to be put on one group. Do you understand now, or are you going to still BLAME the Christian Right.

The premise of your statement hits a bumpy road when you use the word BLAME. You could blame every single group of people for not doing enough. And I don’t think it is wise for you to set the agenda of any one group. I am certain you are a member of some “group” and therefore I can criticize your agenda and blame you for not taking up other casues. Afterall, under that thought process, you could blame any group for anything that does not meet your personal satisfaction. Stopping abortion and helping feed, cloth and love people are not exactly the same agenda to begin with, close, in the same ball park, but they are two separate things, dear :) .


Gene, point taken. 
If anti-abortionists are successful in further restricting abortion there will be more infants born into peril. (And I suppose, an increased supply of “desirable” white infants for adoption.) The whole thing is so depressing. 


P.S. Just to clarify, when I mentioned the work done by Catholics, I was talking about the church as a whole and the Missions they’ve established in South America, India, Africa, Asia and so forth. I didn’t mean those people standing on the street corner waving placards of fetuses.