Ban political signs at public expense

Wonder how we could add a few million to school funding- without impacting our wallets?

How about banning putting political office holders names on signs, plaques, vehicles etc. at public expense. You know the ones: Welcome to Ohio, Ted Strickland Governor, welcome to our rest stop, Ted Strickland Governor, This gas pump has been certified, Karl Keith Auditor, on County sheriffs vehicles- Dave Vore, Sheriff, at the airport, the pictures of the Dayton City Commission, etc, etc.

Quite simply- just ’cause you were elected, doesn’t mean you own it and get to put your name on it. Ohio belongs to us Ted, not to you.

If you want to plaster your name on things- from now on, it has to come out of your campaign money. And, you have to put aside funds to take your name down once we’re done with you.

Not only is this a huge waste of taxpayer dollars- it gives incumbents even more of an advantage when running- clearly not a good and fair use of our tax dollars.

Any of you agree with this?

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