Dayton Grassroots Daily: v11 The Fourth Estate

Greg Hunter and David Esrati discuss the importance of investigative journalism in a democracy.

It would seem, that Dayton has been missing this important equalizer in the grand scheme of things.

It’s short- enjoy:

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As a veteran journalist, I commend you, Greg and David, for criticizing what passes for journalism here. It wasn’t always so.
I was once offered a job at the Journal Herald, which was a fine a newspaper. I turned it down and went to The Plain Dealer, instead. It was then featured in the national newsweeklies as a trend-setter populated by “young tigers.”
Alas, the Journal Herald is no more, a strange twist on what happened elsewhere, where it was the afternoon papers that folded and the morning papers survived. The News was never much of a paper and has gone downhill since it lost its morning sister.
I will not try to speculate on what makes the News so bad. I do not think it is cost of publication, distribution or wages. Nor do I think it is because the people it has cannot do the job. The problem lies in management, but I don’t know if it is ineptness, cupidity, or promotions above levels of competence. But the sad result shows every day. Too bad.
The Plain Dealer used to hire people off the Journal Herald when it needed good journalists. That’s how we got Bruce Ellison, Pat Holecek, Bill Treon, and many others. I don’t ever recall getting anyone from the News.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Yellow journalism.


I think this was the best one so far, you guys are definitely improving; racking local muck seems to be useful niche for you to fill.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Yellow journalism is a type of journalism that downplays legitimate news in favor of eye-catching headlines that sell more newspapers. It may feature exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, sensationalism, or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or journalists. Campbell (2001) defines Yellow Press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion.


Greg… stop beating on the table… or get a tripod… please..