Dayton Daily shows bias and amateur journalistic skills

There is a reason Gary Leitzell has learned not to talk to the media in Dayton- they play favorites, misquote, fail to attribute and generally skew the news. The push poll story was a perfect example of why when he does, it’s a waste of time.

It’s always been known that Cox lives for fear. “If it bleeds, it leads” was the subject of a short documentary done by some WSU film students almost 30 years ago- and it continues today with “ScareCenter 7” and the DDn.

For example, in today’s article about Nan Whaley’s push poll, which Dayton first learned about on, there is no link or mention of this site. The story does have a link to Gary’s site (note it’s a general link- and not to the actual article so it will prove useless over time, unfortunately, the site is on the blogger platform and I can’t do any better the  correct link is  and uses one of the poll questions which refers to something Gary said on my site (which I linked to in my article).

“I am disgusted,” Leitzell posted on “Commissioner Whaley has disgraced herself and has proven that she can never be a role model for our children. She really needs to apologize to the citizens of Dayton for attempting to divide the community.”

One of the poll questions included the statement, “Leitzell recently commented on a blog that he wants to raise his pay as mayor to $90,000 a year.”Leitzell said Whaley should “probably resign her seat as City Commissioner because she is not acting in the best interests of the city and should be ashamed of what she is allowing to happen.”

One of the poll questions included the statement, “Leitzell recently commented on a blog that he wants to raise his pay as mayor to $90,000 a year.”

The mayor said he had jokingly posted a comment on a local blog that his aide had resigned and that he would love to get paid more to handle his own scheduling.

Leitzell wrote, “If the people want to pay me $90,000 so my wife can quit work and be a stay at home mom and full time educator I could handle it. Even if I had to print all those proclamations and type out the marriage certificates myself.

via Poll angers Dayton mayor candidates |

I’m also leaving in the repeated content that still appeared on the DDn site this AM despite me telling their staff it was repeated last night.

At the end of this article is also makes reference to “Whaley and Wagner are both Democrats, who face-off in the May primary.”

To be perfectly correct, there is no May primary in the Dayton City Commission or Mayor’s race yet. So far only Nan has turned in enough signatures to appear on the ballot for Mayor and Joey Williams and David Esrati are the only candidates for Commission. It will take at least 2 more candidates certified for Mayor and 4 more certified for Commission to have a primary. Also note, despite David Esrati actually qualifying for the ballot, the only coverage has been a single tweet by “Ohio Politics” which belongs to the Dayton Daily. When Darryl Fairchild “announced” he was running for City Commission, he got a story, top front of the local section, with a photo– despite not having turned in petitions and eventually dropping out of the race when the Democratic Party told him it wasn’t his time- and endorsed Jeff Mims.

For a full list of POTENTIAL candidates for Mayor and Dayton City Commission in 2013, I’ve tried to keep a list here:

In another article in today’s paper, about the senseless shooting of a 13 year old by an ex-con, the paper quotes North West Priority Board Chair, David Greer:

David Greer, longtime chairman of Dayton’s Northwest Priority Board, said the community is upset about the recent rash of shootings.

“The senselessness of it all is what one can’t put their finger on,” Greer said. “It’s unfortunate that so many feel that they have to use guns to settle differences.”

via Police seek ex-con in shootings of 2 teens.

No mention that Mr. Greer is also a candidate for Dayton City Commission, at least by the same standard that both AJ Wagner and Gary Leitzell are candidates for Mayor in that they’ve taken out petitions.

Despite this blog breaking major news on a regular basis (unpaid, uncompensated) it has never been referenced in the Dayton Daily news- and never had a link placed in an article. The Qbase political contribution scandal started here- the DDn got the story almost a year and a half later. In the last week, you would have read about these things first: Dayton Legal Blank closing its doors, Bank president and Dayton City Commissioner Joey Williams changing jobs, the First Four party being cancelled and the Nan Whaley push poll. Considering the Dayton Daily has the “iTeam” and a whole staff of “journalists” they fail miserably at basic journalistic practices.

If we want a better Dayton, not only do we need better candidates than slime buckets who engage in push-polls, but we need a newspaper that’s unbiased, has integrity and follows fundamental professional standards- you cite your sources.

If this blog didn’t cite via links or attribution the content it quotes from the Dayton Daily news- they’d sue me. I remember having a conversation with their “digital editor” Ray Marcano once where he tried to threaten me for using parts of their content in my posts. It’s one of the reasons I don’t accept advertising on this site to help compensate me for my time- because then they would use that my revenue to claim that I somehow benefited from their “labor.”

Dayton deserves a better newspaper. To the editors and publisher, who’s names don’t deserve to be connected with those terms, you run a rag. And, to top it all off, you were given a heads up on this Push Poll in advance because we like one of your editors. We’ll make sure not to do that in the future (We being, Gary Leitzell and myself). From now on, you can go back to trying to cover the news without help.




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Gary Leitzell

David, they gave the wrong link to my blog post. The actual link is The link they used takes you to my campaign page from 2009 which I am re working myself for this year. As a side note, I have left the old site intact because locally I am one of the most researched political candidates by political science students. Being the anomaly makes one interesting enough to study but not to report about.

Gary Leitzell

They monitor the comments here because the DDN has fixed this now!


1290 radio is playing this story as well.
I’m impressed (and surprised) that they apparently spoke to you for comments as well as publishing them — and all in a good light too !! Isn’t it interesting that there’s no comment from Nan ? We know why not too ! She, or her campaign, ignored any contact for fear they’d bring up the ‘push poll’ issue.

Jeff Gonya
Jeff Gonya

You can take me off of the who’s running list.  I am not going to be able to get the signatures.  Ihope to try againin the future.  Perhaps if/when Dean Lovelace resigns.
I got started far too late, but evenin the short amount of time, I did learn a lot about the need for organizing people and sticking to a game plan.  As a result, I have a collection of people who are ready to help in the future.
Thank you for your advice and good luck.

Gary Leitzell

Jeff, David and I will be happy to explain the process. We both support the system. The process is simple. You go door to door with a voter registration list and only talk to voters who voted in the last two years. You will get ten signatures per hour and need 750 signatures to be safe. That means 75 hours of work. You want to get 500 for yourself and hope that others get the additional 250. To get 250 from others you need 25 volunteers. Half will get you nothing. The other half should be able to put you over the top. If you run for commission and David and I help you, you will get good signatures and get on the ballot. I think we will be willing to help you if you do not drink the Kool Aid from either party.

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

>>> I got 80 for Mims that he won’t pick up. 80 for Greer (who got me just under 40),  and over 250 for Gary (who got me 139- see, never expect quid pro quo), – See more at: <<&lt;
Way to keep track, David!  That’s pretty classless.  You could have easily said “I’ve collected signatures for Mims, Greer and Gary so I would have been happy to collect them for you as well.  And, Greer and Gary have reciprocated by getting signatures for me.”  Has it occurred to you that due to your several newsworthy actions many people won’t sign your petition when it’s presented to them?  Posting the number of actual signatures collected is the act of a petty person.  But it is consistent with your many postings where you complain about not getting credit for ideas, breaking news, etc.  Maybe you should heed the advice of a noted leader who had a plaque on his desk that read “It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit”.  

Karri O
Karri O

John Adkins, Tim Ballou and Steve Bognar would be the WSU filmmakers behind that short BTW.

Karri O
Karri O

Tim, per his Linked in account, is Executive Director, Script Clearance at Sony Pictures in LA.  Not too shabby either :)