Dayton Daily News endorses the end of Dayton

Why bother? Why not just say, we don’t think either of the candidates is the right one for Mayor? Why not admit, that you’re in on the plan to push for a strong mayor form of government as soon as this election is over, instead of just hinting at it?

Why bother dragging people through the mud, while you sit back like Martin Gottlieb, in his rented Huber Home in Kettering, and pronounce candidates unfit because their profession is one that requires skill- as opposed to being an editorial writer which as he demonstrates, requires none?

Reading their “endorsement” of Rhine is like reading a obituary for the City of Dayton:

Rhine McLin isn’t a natural spokesperson, and she does not have the reflexes of either former Mayor Paul Leonard or former Mayor Mike Turner that would allow her to parlay her office into something larger. Eight years into the job, she struggles to be a force in the room and in the wider community….But it must be said: she is not an initiator or a born leader…. when the cameras aren’t rolling, she can wittily and insightfully sum up bone-headed ideas. Despite her foibles…In very many ways, Mayor McLin is more suited for service in the legislature, where she served before being mayor. When she was one of 33 members of the Ohio Senate, she wasn’t as high profile…

via Editorial: McLin better for tough job | A Matter of Opinion.

You may as well elect her with her hands tied behind her back, while sending her into a gunfight- oh, yes, and take away her pistols too.

As if the damage isn’t done by this piece of editorial slop, we have a headline on the front page of the paper “Homeless predators roam city streets” and gives it the subhead “violent sexual offenders list their area of residence near Miami Valley Hospital, UD.”

Those are our two largest employers left in town. It’s my neighborhood- the Neighborhood of the Year, South Park. It’s one of the few things that has been working right in this city, despite our lackluster Mayoral leadership (the chart of dropping housing values during Queen Rhine’s Reign (she did inherit her first elected position from her daddy like royalty) should be a clear indication that her policy has failed.

If the Dayton Daily News isn’t trying to kill the last hopes of Dayton with this endorsement that mocks Gary for his profession (remember, the Mayor’s job is a PART TIME POSITION) and then sensationalizes one stabbing into a major sexual predator crime wave, I don’t know what they are doing.

The sexual predator issue has been around for a long time, and is caused by bad legislation that provides no way that these people can ever fit back into society. I wrote my position on this back when I was running for Congress.

It’s time the citizens of Dayton consider suing the Dayton Daily with a class action lawsuit for reckless libel. The Dayton Daily News, along with their brethren at “Newscenter 7” have tried to sell their sensationalistic tripe for too long at our expense.

Most people don’t even know who writes the editorial board opinions, any more than they knew who picked the candidates that were anointed to run in this city.

Maybe we should have elections to choose our editorial board writers instead- since they seem to know so much. Every indication is that they are a bigger part of the problem than the candidates ever could be.

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