Dayton Daily News breaks their log-on system

#FAIL login to the Dayton Daily News epaper

You didn’t need the news today anyway.

Readers of the “e-paper” edition on iPad this morning were greeted with a message that they were logged in somewhere else and denied access to the paper.

“your login was not successful for this publication but you are logged in another publication in the app”

Calling tech support this morning, they’d hoped to have it fixed in an hour. 8 hours later, readers still can’t login.

It’s bad enough the paper has a 6pm deadline the night before the print edition, but, now, they are giving a whole new meaning to the new name “The Dayton Day Old News”- now available 2 days late.

We didn’t bother to try to contact anyone in management, because they don’t know anything about publishing a newspaper anymore anyway.

And congratulations to Ty Greenless, one of their photographers who has escaped the sinking ship, to a job shooting photography for the Air Force. His coverage of the Air Show and aviation will be missed.


later in the day- if you delete the app and reinstall it, it is fixed…. for now. The paper will still have 2 day old news however.



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