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The Dayton Bombers made it to the Kelly Cup finals- the ultimate underdogs. And, of course, the people at the Dayton Daily News have to go negative.

Let’s examine the “Kiss of Death”-moving up to the AHL isn’t exactly a kiss of death- both Hampton Roads and Peoria now are one step away from the AHL. Moving from Atlantic City to Stockton has been a goldmine for the team- something the Bombers should probably consider as an option- since the Dayton Daily News hasn’t given them near the coverage that has been given to the Dayton Dragons- or having to play in the Nutter Center which could win awards as the worst designed stadium in the world (for everything).

Kelly Cup the kiss of death?
The Dayton Bombers clinched a berth in the ECHL’s Kelly Cup championship series with Friday night’s 3-1 victory over the Florida Everblades in Game 7 of the American Conference Finals. Problem is, teams seem to win the Kelly Cup (named after Patrick J. Kelly, the league’s first commissioner) at their own peril. Five winners over the past decade have either moved, taken a hiatus or eventually gone out of business for one reason or another.

Year — Kelly Cup champion — Fate

1998 — Hampton Roads (Va.) Admirals — Replaced by AHL franchise (2000)

1999 — Mississippi Sea Wolves — On Hurricane Katrina hiatus

2000 — Peoria (Ill.) Rivermen — Replaced by AHL franchise (2005)

2002 — Greenville (S.C.) Grrrowl — Folded in 2006

2003 — Atlantic City (N.J.) Boardwalk Bullies — Moved to Stockton, Calif.

Yes, I do work for the Dayton Bombers- so I’m a bit biased- and yes, I think watching the Bombers play this year is better than watching UD Basketball, WSU Basketball or the Dayton Dragons any day- esp. in the championship.

Here is the latest TV spot:

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The Bombers deserve a lot of credit for the point they’ve made it to this season. The DDN can’t get basic facts straight in simple stories, and shouldn’t be considered a credible source for anything. If I didn’t have puppies, I would never go out and buy the paper– but you get more “coverage” with the DDN per $ than the WSJ.

The Bombers are having a fantastic season, and it’s sad that the media in Dayton doesn’t appreciate it. The playoff games have been absolutely thrilling– much better than most of the pro sports in Dayton the past several years– and no one hears about it!! Sad. Most of Dayton doesn’t even know what great stuff they’re missing.

See you at the games.

D. Greene

You gotta admit, watching the Raiders beat Butler twice and win a bid to the big dance was exciting.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Making it to the “big dance” is one thing- 64 teams made it-
making it to the Kelly Cup finals- is the final game X (up to) 7 games.
The Raiders didn’t make it through too many brackets-
the Bombers have: won their division, beaten Trenton in 3, Cincinnati in 7, Florida in 7, and now on to Idaho. This is the real deal- and the way hockey should be played.
It deserves better coverage- and attendance.