Truer words have not been said: private agendas in Dayton

In today’s DDN we’re back to talking about race relations- and failed school levies.

There was one quote from David Bohardt that is worth a billion bucks- and one that I’ve been saying for a long time: we have the puppets out front- and the puppeteers in the back room setting out the plans- here is Bohardt’s quote

Dayton needs equivalent of a 365-day-a-year peace bridge
A key step for the city would be to begin an honest discussion of race and politics, Bohardt said.

“There are still two political discussions going on in this town,” he said. “There is the politically correct one where everyone says the right things about collaboration and diversity. And then there is the private agenda discussions, which are divisive, ill-informed and often bigoted.”

The private agenda decisions are often just that- a private agenda from the people who have been looting and pillaging our city. The ones who get the big contracts, build landfills at will, buy key property before big plans are announced, get the tax breaks and live quite well on the backs of others.

If we could get the real decisions to be discussed in public- we wouldn’t be in this mess.

And- as one last thought- is the reason we’re building 2 rec centers instead of one- just one more indication that we can’t come together to play nice?

Still a black one and a white one- will we ever learn?

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Drexel Dave

I suppose laying out who has private agendas going on would be a good start. Any kind of “shadow” government is always tough to battle when it never gets any light.

Name names, cite deals, connections, networks, etc…


I’d like to know this myself. I don’t have any details such as names, incidents, networks, etc., but I’ve heard from teachers within the district that you have to be the right color and a member of the right church to have any influence in the Dayton Public School system. I know this isn’t politically correct, but it’s out there. Maybe Percy Mack should have a “town hall” with his teachers on this issue.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Does Ballpark Village count?
Before any discussion of what could go on the Parkside site- it’s already been decided that we should have a big-box retailer.
And, while there are plenty of lots to build new homes in Dayton- including the Cliburn Manor site- Deeds point has already been practically given away.
The best example was the helping of Reynolds and Reynolds to move out of Dayton, then to help part of it move back in, then another part move back in, then the Schools and the city buy what they left sitting- just so the company could go be sold and the C-suite execs could pocket millions.
The list goes on.


There’s the perception among some Dayton Public School teachers, both black and white, that you have to be “the right color and from the right church” to be heard by the present administration. If this is perception and not reality, perhaps Percy Mack should have an honest dialogue with the Dayton community (and his own teachers) on priorities and whose voice counts within the district. The kids are too important for this to fester.


The impression I got from Bohardts remarks was he was talking about “private” (or unspoken-of-in-public) racial issues or agendas, not economic ones.

David Esrati
David Esrati

And you don’t think that putting all the jails, landfills and waste treatment plants on the West side weren’t both racial and economic?

Drexel Dave

Any ideas for solutions?

Seems like corporate crooks find Dayton a great place to do business.

The populace has been beaten down for so long, it doesn’t seem to care about anything really.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

According to Mayor Goldie Wilson, Blacks want to live separately from whites. Well in whiteys haste to answer that prayer, we (Dayton Region) have created socio economic disparity and sprawl that is killing the Region. There is only one group to blame, the Greediest Generation and the Baby Boomers.

2 REC Centers means two Names – In honor of Dayton’s success in overcoming racial divide I propose the following names.

West Side Pool –
The Ink Well (African American Pool at Roosevelt HS was called this name)

East Side Pool
Bluto Beach – Because fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.