Dayton City Commission to vote on pay raise- as an emergency ordinance

On the Wednesday morning, before Thanksgiving when most of Dayton is talking turkey and getting ready for the holiday, the Dayton City Commission is going to be porking out on a pay raise as an emergency ordinance.

An emergency ordinance is one that is brought to the table, and voted on twice on the same day, so it can go into effect right away, instead of the normal process where it takes two meetings of the commission, two readings and a 30-day waiting period.
Why is a pay raise an emergency? Who knows. After Nan campaigned so long and hard about “Cutting her own pay”- I guess it’s time to make up for it.

The compensation committee meets to evaluate the pay and make suggestions. A sitting commission can’t give itself a raise, so after an election and before they take office for the new term, is when the vote happens. Of course, doing this BEFORE the election and before the results are known would make more sense- but, then it may be an election issue if they give themselves a raise. The committee is:

The City of Dayton Compensation Board meeting was called to order on October 18, 2013, at 12:0S p.m. with the following members present:, Chairman Kevin Jones, Judge Daniel G. Gehres, Mr. Jerome Dix, Ms. Mary Ellington and Mr. Jeffrey Gonya.

Note- they met over a month ago-before the election. Here is their complete recommendation: Dayton Commission Pay Raise

  1. The recommendation is as follows:
    Increase the annual compensation for the Mayor and Commissioners by two percent.
  2. An allowance for the official use of personal vehicles, including maintenance, insurance and gasoline, shall increase from $320.00 per month to $350.00 per month.
  3. Current benefits such as health/dental, life insurance, retirement contributions, and other miscellaneous benefits currently in place shall continue

The amount of the raise isn’t that much, but after years of belt tightening, and the coming renewal of the income tax levy, this is probably not a good time for a raise. Of course, this could be a political stunt engineered just so they can vote it down and say “look at me.”

But, things like this should never qualify as an emergency ordinance. There should be time for public discussion. Mayor Leitzell has already said he’s voting no.

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