David Esrati will not be a candidate for Congress, OH-3

The petitions were signed, the signatures were all valid, the money has been paid. But next Tuesday, the Montgomery County Board of Elections will declare them invalid. Forget the will of the people- who signed the petitions. Forget the idea of democracy.

I put the date of turn-in in the Declaration of Candidacy- instead of the date I “declare” on the petition.

It seemed logical to me, that until I turned in the petition and it is approved, I’m not a candidate.

However, the date I write on a piece of paper- takes precedence over the signatures of the 68 people who signed.

Government by Gotcha rules once again.

I can volunteer to create a PDF form that guarantees no candidate ever fills out the petition incorrectly again. However, that, my friends is too logical for the people in power.

Had I scratched out the 8 part of 18- the petitions would have been legal.

So, Dr. Mark MacNealy has filed. We will see if his petitions get approved.

Mike Turner will get another hall pass.

My deepest apologies to those who signed.

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