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Spray Chalk Tagging the message

Spray Chalk Tagging the message

The call came before I was done with my last two “tags”- my housemate, who has had his share of run-ins with the law, was sure that he’d caught me breaking the law. You could almost hear the glee in his voice. “You know they’ve got you on camera” were the first words out of his mouth- “It’s spray chalk” was my answer, and you could almost tell that he was both bummed that he hadn’t caught me, and laughing his butt off- at the thought of the consternation I was probably causing someone trying to get a warrant issued for my arrest at this very moment.

I don’t have $30K in my war chest to spend on billboards, TV, radio etc. like Nan Whaley. And, if I did, I’d be a bit concerned on who in their right mind gives someone like her $5,500 toward a campaign for Dayton City Commission- where it takes at least three votes to pass anything (big donor did cover his bets- giving the Mayor $10K). Instead, I get stencils made at Dayton Stencil on E. 2nd Street and order Day-Glo Spray Chalk from my hometown company- The Day Glo Company in Cleveland. I’m not new to chalking sidewalks, or the issues of it’s legality- you can read some posts from my company website on chalk, Shepard Fairey, and the Greater Dayton Advertising Association here: http://www.thenextwave.biz/tnw/index.php?s=chalk+sidewalk

Spray chalk is temporary, like most candidate’s campaign promises. For me, it’s just another small pebble in my slingshot campaign against the Goliath.

If you’d like to buy a few cans of spray chalk to help the campaign- or even volunteer to help distribute literature, please go to www.electesrati.com and make a donation or join the team.

If you are here- for the first time because you saw the writing on the sidewalk, welcome. Please explore other posts- to see what Dayton’s most progressive candidate has to say about improving Dayton, and feel free to join in the conversation.


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