Covid19 spreading in the Montgomery County Jail

On June 10, at 8:06 AM this site broke the news that Covid-19 had hit the Montgomery County Jail.

Other news agencies picked up the story later in the day, without crediting this site.

The Sheriff and his head jailer, Major Jeremy Roy, are a lot like Donald Trump- they refuse to listen to science. Instead of stopping all inmate movement in the jail and basically locking the place down- they continued as if somehow this wouldn’t spread.

Now somewhere between 13 to 17 cells are quarantined. Estimates are that as many as half the inmates have been exposed and may test positive, however, the command staff refuses to test everyone.

To remind folks of what I wrote:

“Lookout folks, the local house of mismanagement and torture, the Montgomery County Jail, under the “leadership” of Sheriff Rob Streck, is about to see a string of lawsuits the size of which we’ve never seen before.”

Still waiting for that adult leadership to step in and take charge. Being in jail for petty theft should never amount to a death sentence.

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