County Veterans Service Commission Exec Director retires, job open

Herb Davis, retired from the Montgomery County Veterans Service Commission last week and his position is posted.
The salary range is wide, and the potential contract long.
You must be a veteran, able to deal well with bureaucracy- and work under a board that doesn’t play well with others.

For those of you who don’t know what a Veterans Service Commission is, this job probably isn’t for you. The State of Ohio has one in every county- and it serves as a point of contact to deliver immediate assistance to veterans in need, helping them with housing, benefits, medical transport, and a host of other things. Money is set aside from the State to fund VSC’s based on population.

Montgomery County has played games with it’s VSC for decades, including the choice of board members, and the repatriating funds meant for veterans to the general fund. Even the lease of the office space in the old St. E’s is a political football.

This organization is ripe for fresh, enthusiastic, visionary new leadership, so if you have a love for veterans, are one yourself, and believe you can fight the county to allow you to do your job properly, please apply.

This organization could and should be a lot more active in our community- and serve a much larger number of veterans than it has in the past.

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