Common sense traffic engineering- a lost art.

Last night, coming home from watching the Bombers lose game 2 in the playoffs, I ran into another case of “doh.”

To get to South Park and Wayne Ave. from US 35 W, you take the Keowee exit- but they closed it- not so bad you say, go to the next exit- Warren/Patterson/Jefferson Street- and turn left (South).

Oops. In the brilliance that only an ODOT engineer could come up with- they have the bridge over Warren being painted and the traffic restricted to one or two lanes- both Northbound.

Now, before you start saying, “oh, that Esrati, he’s just a whiner”- let me remind you that Miami Valley Hospital, our “Level one trauma center” is in South Park- and this would normally be the fastest way I would try to get to MVH in an emergency.

This isn’t just stupid planning- it’s dangerous to our citizens. Would one of my esteemed readers in public office please do something about this.

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