Dayton Politics dies again…

Looks like someone didn’t pay their hosting bill. isn’t up anymore. No matter what the rumors are- it’s not me. I know how to keep a site online.

I haven’t enjoyed it as much lately anyway- more national, less Dayton. I guess all you political junkies will have to get your kicks somewhere else?

If I set up a local site- and opened up authorship to all you “connected types”- would we be able to have an intelligent, up-to-date, civil political discussion? Would you guys post?

If you don’t know how to do this- I could teach a mini-seminar? Anyone interested?

Taking suggestions for the url as well- any suggestions?

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David, I’ve never been a big cheerleader for city government. If you look back at Dayton’s history, John Patterson almost pulled NCR out of Dayton because of the political cronyism going on at the time. When the 1913 flood devastated the city, he said “F… city government, I’m in charge.” Those days are gone, of course, and I’m not advocating one-man rule; but where does the vision come from? How can we define where we want to go and then, how to make it happen? Here’s my two cents. We need to identify activist groups in this town who represent neighborhoods, businesses, churches, academia, the environment, the homeless, the “creative class” and yes, government, as well as other groups who are making a difference in their own universe. Then, have a forum (a website) that can act as a community pool of ideas. I’m willing to help in any way to make this happen.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Kudos to Mark; local connections with common goals.

David Esrati
David Esrati

The power right now- still comes from the back rooms-
with Clay Mathile being the one everyone believes has the power.
Being a benevolent billionaire is nice- but, he hasn’t stepped up like Patterson and stated clearly what he wants.
Frankly- we don’t have time to wait for the political parties to get this going-
Mike Robinette is probably doing the most to make all this happen over at
The site is a drupal site- and allows community.
Take a look-
He’s advocating UniGov, public transit, anti-sprawl, growth limits, livable walkable communities.
The problem is- he’s probably still too close to the political machine, MVRPC, that he came out of.
I’ve asked Dan Foley and Joey Williams to help me set up a “salon” of forward thinkers to try to advance some leadership positions/ideas. So far – nothing. If we can get some more people on board- maybe we can get this moving.


Asking price is $250.00 for

David Esrati
David Esrati

That just cracks me up- who would one make the check out to? Mr. Politics?
URL’s are really valueless in the days of search. Other than being easy to remember and spell- you could register and pay for a years hosting for considerably less.