Board of election reports: 2009 Dayton General Election

As a public service I’m uploading PDFs of the board reports.

The first is the invalid signatures report. 09-appears-invalid-3_10_2009 For Mayor, Larry E. Ealy, James R. Green III and Tojuan W Minus all had insufficient signatures (despite Mr. Ealy turning in the maximum 1500 signatures- apparently, his nominating committee contained people who didn’t live in the city).

For Commission: Donald Allen Domineck Jr., Lorana M Kelly and Mark Anthony Newberry all turned in petitions that were deemed insufficient. Newberry turned in 829 and only had 402.

The second is the appears valid report 09-appears-vaild-3_10_2009.

For Mayor, Rhine McLin and Gary D. Leitzell. For commission, David Esrati, Nannette L Whaley and Joey D. Williams.

For Clerk of Courts- Mark E. Owens running unopposed, for Judge Carl S. Henderson and John S. Pickrel both unopposed.

Interestingly, all signatures were “qualified” in this report- in times past, they stopped counting once they got to 501.

Considering I turned in 641 and had 514 and Judge Pickrel turned in 824 and only had 505, I am very lucky to be on the ballot.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to doing the hard work that I hope you entrust me with.

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