Barack’s having a Dayton House Party tonight!

Watch Barack Obama accept the democratic nomination on the big screen tonight at a community block party tonight. The party starts in the gymnasium parking lot at 8pm and then moves inside for the watch party at 9pm.

It will be at Dayton’s newest building:

Thurgood Marshall High School 4447 Hoover Ave Dayton 45417

(off Gettysburg Ave. Rsvp to Nancy Kerr @ 937.360.8521

Maybe John McCain will stop by to visit, before his big announcement tomorrow at the Nutter Center, just to get some pointers.

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The prophecy has been fulfilled; :-) say hello to bigger government & more taxes.



Is it appropriate that Dayton Public Schools should be offering their facilities for partisan political purposes, or are they planning on throwing a “House Party” for the Republican convention as well?

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

I thought we had to separate church and state, not state and state.

Seems to me it’s a public school and a public election so there’s no conflict. Obama’s nomination is a thing of historic importance, and if the community that uses the school wants to celebrate it after hours, they can. They don’t have to give equal time to McCain. But if they want to, that’s fine too.

By the way, religious groups use public schools all the time for before and after school prayer and bible study. If no one complains about the Jesus clubs, which are publicized on handouts that are printed on paper that we buy with our taxes and given to every kid to take home, how can we complain about this?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Shannon- uh, we have bigger government under GWB- and a bigger deficit than ever. How cutting taxes to only the rich has helped this economy is a mystery to me.
Bill- I don’t know the arrangements with DPS- however, part of the plan was to turn schools into community centers as much as possible.
McCain is in the Nutter Center tomorrow- that’s a public school building as well.
Hell- Paul Brown Stadium is really a public building too- as is 5/3rd field- built with taxpayer money.


I see tonight’s event as more than a political one.
This is historic and if it weren’t so late in the evening I would take my child to witness this with members of the community. (school night)
Today the first African American receives the nomination to run for president- on the 45th. anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.
Worth celebrating, especially in a town that is trying to repair and build healthier race relationships. It’s also fitting that it’s in a school- US history lesson and our children’s future and all.

John Ise

Check out this site that helps propagate the fact that Obama’s tax plans will actually reduce income taxes on a lot of people.


I think I should clarify my point:

I think it’s wonderful that Obama has inspired and excited the youth of our country the way he has. It’s rare and and historic and fantastic and SHOULD be encouraged. But it has to be done properly.

David, if you’re listening, have a Republican convention “House Party” as well, even if there is much less interest. By not doing so DPS runs the risk of being perceived as partisan. But by doing so, no one can accuse Dayton Public Schools of not being fair and balanced.

David Esrati
David Esrati

@Bill, by “David” – I’m sure he means David Lawrence.
I’m sure the Republicans would be welcome to TM- however, considering most of the Caucasian Democrats in Dayton couldn’t find their way to Hoover ave last night- I doubt many Republicans could.
T’was a great time- with a great speech with a great crowd.


“Say hello to bigger government” … ?

How delightfully insipid.


“David, if you’re listening, have a Republican convention “House Party” as well, even if there is much less interest. ”

Actually it could be a lot of fun. We could sit around and make sarcastic comments while watching.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Watching McCain and Palin on CNN today at the Nutter Center was enough for me. Out of touch and clueless.


“Watching McCain and Palin on CNN today at the Nutter Center was enough for me. Out of touch and clueless.”

You must have been watching a different event than I watched. I think the Republican Presidential Race just got the ‘paddles’, and the heartbeat is back and growing stronger!

David Esrati
David Esrati

@Barbara- if you think this country can take another 4 years of Republican economics- you need to stop smoking what Sarah was smoking.


Now your getting personal, David. I just made a comment about the race and your accusing me of being a pothead. I could say the same about your support of Obama, but I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s a shame most people in this country now think they’re entitled to so much more than their opinion. They want everything handed to them on the government silver platter.

David Esrati
David Esrati

@Barbara- You’re right- I was getting personal. I’m sorry.
As to the “entitlement” concept you are talking about- hmmm, under GWB and Republican rule, the Rich felt they were entitled to pay minimal taxes, fire lots of people, engage in questionably legal business practices- that gave us the likes of Enron on steroids. The “managers” at Bear Sterns- helped themselves to 22billion dollars in bonuses the two years before going belly-up. Then, they wanted the government to bail them out with $30 billion of yours and mine tax dollars. The government has been printing money to keep the banks afloat- because they’ve been busy playing with paper assets that they had no business playing with.
If you think Obama is the entitlement candidate here- you are missing what’s going on.


Based on his acceptance speech Obama is proposing an updated New Frontier/Great Society, and he didn’t mince words about it.

10 years to energy indepenence? That is a concrete goal and pretty agressive schedule.


The rich pay more in taxes than anyone else.

All the Enron’s and Bear Sterns included democrats genius, so don’t point the finger at yourself, it was certainly a two-headed monster.

David likes to get personal bc often he is wrong, and it upsets him that he lacks and real power to get people to think like him. He just wants my money, your money, etc. He thinks lap tops will make DPS kids smarter, he thinks a sportsplex will energize downtown but fails to realize that the poor little shit will spray paint it and shit all over it and simply destroy it. He want health care for all but does not provide it himself…….. where does it end?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Gene- WTF are you talking about? “He want health care for all but does not provide it himself”
I am one of the few small businesses that pays 100% of my employees health insurance premiums.
And it’s not about laptops making them smarter- it’s about a more efficient way to deliver textbooks and cut costs of printing etc.