Where to get baklava in Dayton.

So if you think this is a strange title for a post- it’s just a way to demonstrate that blogs are the next big thing- and old media isn’t.

My friend Kristen, who I’ve taken Pilates with at the Downtown YMCA for the last 3 years, was looking for “Where to get baklava in Dayton” and ended up on this site.

Why- because I had written about chosing the next City Manager over baklava at my party.

Kristin thought this was crazy- finding my blog- talking about the party she didn’t make- and ending up calling me to ask where I got the baklava.

So much for the Yellow pages.

So to answer the question- you can get a whole sheet of it- enough to serve 50 people, for about $23 at Halal grocery at the corner of Wayne and Keowee- they also have their other Grocery down by the Dayton Mall- off Prestige plaza drive.

So- enjoy the baklava- tell them I sent you- and have a great party of your own.

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