Arcade for sale on E-bay

Interior of Dayton ArcadeThe Dayton Arcade hit E-bay last Saturday- the starting bid is 4 million- but, hey, the city has put way more than that in it. Personally, I think high starting prices are always a mistake in an auction, I start all my auctions at $5. Either you believe in the free market- or you don’t.

See the auction here: Dayton Arcade
Ben Roethlisberger's Motorcycle helmet Anyway, this is probably another joke auction- just like the empty box auction of “Ben Roethlisberger Replica Motorcycle Helmet”

But, in case someone in NYC or LA or SF or one of the other real estate boom towns is frustrated with paying a million for 1000sq ft apartment- the arcade would be the ultimate loft apartment for your buck. And, considering the owner is a charity- you could probably negotiate on the price- and still be able to write some of this off.
Of course, if you were worried what to do with the rest of the building- it would make a great brothel, casino, or place to store your Porsche collection. Quite frankly, it’s an awesome building for someone with cash to play with. Donald Trump- here is a real challenge for your teams of apprentices for your next season- and it’s even a real estate deal.

note: Owner Tony Staub is facing foreclosure on the property- meaning the County will seize the Arcade- and hold it’s own auction to secure back taxes- making Staub’s opening bid a laugh.  If he was serious, he would have the opening bid be $100,000 plus back taxes- and he would clearly state what the taxes are. The only reason to start at $100,000 is to make sure bidders are serious.

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