Apparently Obama doesn’t get the web

My campaign treasurer is in Iowa, working on the Obama campaign. He sent back a message:
“Obama does not want volunteers to blog.” That’s plain wrong. Any one who thinks they can control their brand through such draconian policies is going to find out that you can’t stop what’s being said about you- you need to instead, welcome people to say the good, bad and the ugly on your site- so at least you can respond.

As longtime readers on this site know, I very rarely edit or delete comments- and respond to much of what’s said (unless someone else does it for me). I plan on continuing this policy even after getting elected. How better to respond to constituents than directly?

I think of my campaign to send me to DC as a way that the people of Ohio 3 can have a Direct Connection to who represents them. This is far different than what we have now with Mike Turner as our Congressman.

Unless Obama changes his policy, he just lost some points with me.

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