And if you can’t spell my name….

Guess what url’s are now mine…


they both point here.

so- guess what’s coming next…..

put your best guesses (or suggestions) in comments below.

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Phillip Ranly

Is this site changing or are you going to eventually make a killer site about all the goings-on and great places to be and experience in Dayton? I think it’ll be new. And if so, here are a few thoughts:

1. Make it similar to a magazine. By that I mean writing reviews about places you’ve been—restaurants, bars, shops, events or museums. That seems like a lot but you could have friends help by offering their thoughts on the places they went to over the weekend.

2. Have the most extensive index of all Dayton spots. Some publications in the area have tried with dining spots but they’re not that great. It could really be helpful for visitors but most importantly, for locals.

3. The site shouldn’t be a spot for voicing ways to improve Dayton. The site should be really positive but still honest.

4. You’ve spoken of the great music scene in Dayton, now’s the time to capitalize on that. Is it possible to interview bands? I’m not sure yet how to feature bands but I’m sure there’s a way.

5. Have information about developments going on in the City like Tech Town or the white water rafting course. Include success stories of neighborhoods and things to do in them. The Fairgrounds and Oregon immediately come to mind (two of my personal faves!).

6. Have a bunch of links to other great Dayton related sites.

7. Just as important as the content is the design. It has to be stunning.

8. Promote the site with inexpensive flyers that could site in small shops or restaurants and plaster them all over telephone poles.

So those are my first random, unorganized thoughts. It would take a whole team of people to do half of that but either way I think this could be neat.

Phillip Ranly
Phillip Ranly

So am I way off? I never heard anything else about this.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Rome wasn’t built in a day-
you will see something very soon….