All praise chairman McLin!

McLin, Mao, Stalin, Saddam- all worthy of huge murals to be posted in prominent places for the people to be reminded of their greatness. NOT.

Tile mosaic mural of former Mayor Rhine McLin at Dayton International Airport

Chairman McLin watches over us

I’m not sure when this large tile mosaic went up at Dayton “International” Airport, but I find it personally objectionable on many levels.

I asked on Facebook (where this got a lot of commentary) how much was spent on this monstrosity- to which one friend said it was donated.

Others were also appalled that this image is representing Dayton- instead of a photograph of our skyline (reader and photo ace Jim Crotty volunteered one of his photos).

Many were thankful that she wasn’t wearing her “goofy glasses” or a hat- but, beside that- I find any public display of politicians’ names and likenesses an affront to the taxpayers and have said so previously. In my post “Ban political signs at taxpayer expense” back in 2007, I suggested that all use of candidates’ names- from the stickers on the gas pumps, to the letterhead for the County Treasurer to the “Welcome to Ohio, John Doe, Governor” should be paid for out of the candidates’ campaign funds.

I don’t like it when Karl Keith makes his face the favicon for the County Website, either. He should be charged per page view, just like any other online advertising.

But most importantly, although I was mocked by the Dayton Daily News editorial board for suggesting it, the airport is a regional asset, not a Dayton one, and should be governed and paid for by the entire region. Putting the former mayor’s image up instead of a “Welcome to Dayton,” “Get Midwest” or “H2Open for Business” sign- is a colossal lost opportunity.

The airport has back-lit billboards for business as revenue generators throughout the building- how much revenue is lost from this prime location?

If McLin’s friends want to hang a portrait of her, do it in a building that you pay for and own- not one that’s owned by the taxpayers. We voted her out of office for a reason. Get used to it.

If this monstrosity isn’t down in a week, it’s time for a criminal investigation. Free campaign signs for her next election attempt shuld NOT be on public property.

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8 Responses

  1. Bubba Jones October 30, 2010 / 5:45 pm
    I haven’t flown in a while but I think I’ve seen a poster size photo version of that pose at the airport before.  That thing does need taken down unless she’s paying for the space there.  It was bad enough to see her face there when she was an elected official of the governmental entity that owns and operates the airport.  Now, as a private citizen, she has no more “right” to be there than I do unless she’s paying for that space.  Is that right outside the store when you come out of security?
    It’s actually a laughable likeness of her.  Obviously she asked for the “Young Rhine” to be portrayed.  In all honesty, I think it kind of bears a weird resemblance to Michael Jackson!!  Well, maybe LaToya! ;)
  2. Ice Bandit October 30, 2010 / 8:11 pm
    If this monstrosity isn’t down in a week, it’s time for a criminal investigation….(David Esrati)

    Yeah, dear David, not sure that anyone wants to criminalize art, even though this art is a crime. The Old Bandito saw this up close and personal and couldn’t help but get a 1950s Warsaw Pact socialist realism vibe. Not like the portraits the apparatchik used to parade down Red Square on May Day mind you, but more like what one would encounter hanging outside a government office in small town Bulgaria. Can’t wait for the next one; maybe it will be the Great Leader taking an impromptu swim in the Miami…….

  3. Civil Servants Are People, Too October 31, 2010 / 2:02 am
    So history should be tossed aside whenever a new administration comes to power?   It seems to me that is actually one of the biggest problems in our winner-take-all political system.   We forget all the hard work of our predecessors – no matter which side of the aisle they might be on.
    Maybe some people think Dayton should not be proud of it’s first female Mayor, who won two terms and arguably served with honor.   Some people might think our kids should not be exposed to the idea of an African-American woman in a notable seat of power.   What would the kids at Marshall High School think about that?
    Or maybe there are other ways to look at it.   Maybe we need more local heroes, not less.
    If the mural should come down, then so be it, but to frame it this way is disrespectful.    I doubt she’s asking anyone to keep it there.
    PS. The mural has been there for years.    Which airport have you been using?
  4. David Esrati October 31, 2010 / 9:19 am

    @Bubba- location is where you and I both say it is- as you come out of security, if you look back to your right, instead of into the gift shop (where they are selling “Cow Tipping” t-shirts- it’ll be staring at you.

    @CSAPT- sorry, I guess I missed it before. However, I don’t believe she earns a place in perpetuity just because she was a woman who got elected. Let’s remember her first office was given to her on her pappy’s death bed- something that should be illegal in the U.S.

    As I’ve said before- you want your name on public property- you pay for it. Even if you are sitting in office. It’s time to stop giving away media space to the incumbents.


  5. Civil Servants Are People, Too October 31, 2010 / 1:23 pm
    @ where they are selling “Cow Tipping” t-shirts- it’ll be staring at you.
    I actually find those t-shirts more offensive than anything else in this post.
  6. Ice Bandit October 31, 2010 / 2:05 pm
    Some people might think our kids should not be exposed to the idea of an African-American woman in a notable seat of power.   What would the kids at Marshall High School think about that? (CSAPT)

    Well, dear CSAPT, nice attempt at trying to back-door the race card. However, since this town has had black mayors for all but a handfull of the last 40 years, the attempt comes up lame just short of the finish line. And if the administration at Marshall High thinks the student body’s inspirational dipstick is a quart low, they are free to offer Mayor McHat an invite where she can talk. And talk. And talk. More important, however, is not the capricous opinions of teenagers at the airport, but the impression of our town on entrepreneurs and captains of industry. And those hombres left skid marks gettin’ outta’ town when the mortician-mayor held the gavel………

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