A car czar? Or three?

It seems putting such a big, critical industry under one person’s oversight is asking for trouble. Of course, in a country that believes in rock star CEOs – why not?

Since Steve Jobs probably wouldn’t take the job, or be offered it- I was thinking of who I would pick.

First one that comes to mind is “The Great Game of Business” author and CEO of Springfield Remanufacturing Corp.Jack Stack. Here is a genuine turnaround artist with experience in the auto business. His open book management style may be exactly what is needed to mend the rift between (mis)management and labor in the US auto industry.

Second choice would be Ross Perot. His insight into the waste at GM came quickly when he sold his company, EDS, to the auto giant, only to have him running away a few years later. To cut the bureaucracy you need someone with a sharp tongue and his primitive charts.

Third choice would be Lee Iacocca. I’m not thinking of Lee as jumping in with both hands, but as a mentor- to remind people that this has been done before successfully- and to instill faith in the American public.

Put the three men together, and maybe task a few other smart people like Tom Peters with helping the process along, and we may see a competitive auto industry in no time.

Then again, while Congress keeps asking the millionaire CEOs to work for a buck- I’m wondering when some of the millionaire Congressmen will do the same?

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