A bit of Dayton sneaks into Jericho on CBS

Gotta love the Dayton connection to Hollywood.

46 minutes into tonights episode of Jericho, the “Rangers” determine that Jake Green is being held off 48 between Alex Bell and Lytle Five Points- on a hog farm.

Only people in Dayton would get it- but, hey that’s the point.

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3 Comments on "A bit of Dayton sneaks into Jericho on CBS"

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I noticed that, too, and I was looking forward to asking you about it in the morning. Haha.


Being relatively new to Dayton, I’ll bite: to what is that reference referring?

Or, alternately, would it be better to go take a drive and find out for myself?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Zak, head South on Main street (48)
Alex Bell is just below 675-
head a few miles down, past 725 and Spring Valley- and you’ll come to Lytle Five Points.
It’s really no big deal- just a writer from Dayton putting an “Easter Egg” into the show.