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Photo stolen from Barry Buckman's facebook profile

Dayton loses talent: the Buckmans have left the building

It was probably around 1995 or so. Bill Rain and David Williams had just finished the Lofts of St. Clair, a conversion of the butt-ugly Pinsky Produce building on St. Clair. The aluminum siding had been torn off to expose a beautiful brick building. It had color- and a roof garden. They’d shoved probably one Read More

Pecha Kucha Dayton logo

Dayton Pecha Kucha vol 7- Thursday June 30th 2011: FREE!

This Thursday night- if you don’t have anything else to do- come down to Pecha Kucha and hear me speak for exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds while displaying 20 slides in a PowerPoint deck. You can also hear 8, infinitely more interesting people the same night. And for the first time- this is FREE. Read More

Let’s discuss “Green” housing and renovation

I’m driving up and down Brown Street- trying to imagine it without the Frank Z building. The thought depresses me. Just like I miss the old churches in the Oregon District that are gone, like I miss the terra cotta tiles on the gas station/tire store that was there before the Cooper Lofts- I miss Read More

When is a house not a house?

The “American dream” of “home ownership” isn’t equally applied in this country. Nope, I’m not talking about racial discrimination in lending, or even restrictive covenants in deeds, it’s the type of home you choose. If your home isn’t built in a factory, and brought to the site on wheels, it’s somehow worthy of a preferred Read More

Didn’t look like top 10 dying cities last night.

Urban Nights was hopping. People everywhere. Restaurants with waits, bars full, street vendors selling, street musicians playing, people having a good time. Amazingly, some downtown businesses didn’t get it- and were closed. Sterling Studio in the Oregon District, the new optician on E. Third with $10 frames, and a few others had their doors locked. Read More

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