Let’s discuss “Green” housing and renovation

I’m driving up and down Brown Street- trying to imagine it without the Frank Z building. The thought depresses me. Just like I miss the old churches in the Oregon District that are gone, like I miss the terra cotta tiles on the gas station/tire store that was there before the Cooper Lofts- I miss Read More

DP&L wants to buy you some CFL lightbulbs

$1.83 for 6 Compact Florescent Bulbs at Sams. That’s 31 cents a bulb. Cheaper than an incandescent. Can’t pass it up- of course, now instead of DP&L spewing sulfur and Carbon Dioxide into the air- you become the polluter when you dispose of these little mercury containing bulbs. Let’s just shift the guilt. DP&L makes Read More

Burnt: how we trashed what made sense

I should have Greg writing this post, but, I’ll spare you the three-week wait for the stilted writing :-) Montgomery County used to burn our trash at two incinerators. Faced with option of investing more in scrubbers and clean-burn technology, we snuffed out the fire and turned the ovens into “waste transfer stations.” Now we Read More

Dayton Trash Fees going up: Commission thinks DOH! is an answer.

Anytime you see “emergency ordinance” take a second look. Most of the time it means either: the commission is made up of idiots who didn’t see something coming, or they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. In this case- both. And, it’s our first Gary Leitzell no vote- with no real solution Read More