Urban Nights

Hits, runs and errors. Society’s failings- not baseball.

I’ve never been afraid in Dayton, Ohio. Maybe because I’m wired wrong. On the way home from the first CIRGV meeting, I saw a young teen walking fast up W. Third with a 22.-caliber rifle, I turned my scooter around- and stopped him to talk- before he scurried off, and I called the police. Yes- Read More

Urban Nights May 2011- my ramble through a thriving downtown Dayton

First regret- I didn’t make it over to W. Third street this time- last year it was the happening place. We started out meeting a bunch of friends at Taqueria Mixteca– the best hole in the wall Mexican food in town. Good news is that they are planning on expanding and adding a liquor license- Read More

Didn’t look like top 10 dying cities last night.

Urban Nights was hopping. People everywhere. Restaurants with waits, bars full, street vendors selling, street musicians playing, people having a good time. Amazingly, some downtown businesses didn’t get it- and were closed. Sterling Studio in the Oregon District, the new optician on E. Third with $10 frames, and a few others had their doors locked. Read More

Urban Nights tonight- cya downtown

It’s the twice annual expedition to the wilds of downtown by the isolated suburbanites. Get your fill of art, culture, architecture (that won’t fall over when a car hits it) and real live people. All kinds of galleries, restaurants, bands, artists and a chance to see what you’ve been missing in your self-contained sterile boxes Read More

Things to do this weekend in Dayton Ohio

Well, there is really only one that’s important- head down to downtown tonight for Urban Nights. Check out the restaurants, bars, art galleries, urban living spaces and watch the people. There will be cool stuff happening all over- but the new green modular home on Patterson and whatever the Dayton Circus is up to in Read More