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Back around 1997-98 I had my first bout with kidney stones. I don’t remember if my friend Audra Huelsman drove me to Miami Valley Hospital ER- or was the one that picked me up, but going in I could barely stand up. I remember lying on the gurney tucked into the fetal position. They gave […]

Great gifts for the holidays

by David Esrati on November 26, 2012

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In case you’ve wondered, life has had to take a front seat to keeping you informed on the inner workings of Dayton. I should be back on track soon. But, in the meantime, it’s CyberMonday and if you are going to shop- here’s my advice on some gifts that I think rock. Plus- if you […]

Found dog. Need to find the owner.

by David Esrati on September 12, 2012

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George came the same day that my kidney stones did. Harbinger of things to come? Not. He is half beaver/woodchuck- our woodpile is slowly being turned into woodchips- and he’s likely to find shoes, dog leashes and smelly socks and drag them around the house. I feel bad that besides notifying the neighborhood- and posting […]

Note: On the request of Jeff- I’ve deleted most of the post. The Army-produced video has his rank wrong. Jeff doesn’t like the headline either- he’s not a hero- just a guy doing his job. I’m not changing the link. He’s still a hero in my book- for many reasons, Jeff Lee grew up in […]

Today is your day to adopt a dog

by David Esrati on February 18, 2012

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We’ve been fostering dogs from SICSA. We have two older big dogs and they are good trainers for young whippersnappers. Plus, they come to my office every day with me. Last Friday I went to pick up Akeeli, a black Lab mix. They told us she was a 1-year-old puppy, about 45 lbs., who had […]

I believe the first thing we need to do if we want to have the representation we deserve, is change the way we elect Congress. We have to change our auctions for office into elections. There are two parts to leveling the playing field and balancing the power of the Congress with the power of […]

Whenever I see a no-bid deal involving any local government body, I start questioning the process. From today’s Dayton Daily News: Dayton International Airport is requesting City Commission approval to pay a company up to $36,000 over three months to recommend a new telephone system at the airport. The commission will be asked today to […]

Some of you may have noticed that the number of updates to Esrati.com has decreased in the last few weeks. One reason is that it took a bit of time to write the two big posts of late: The resignation of Dayton Daily News photo chief Larry Price- which went international, and the post about […]

If the Dayton Public Schools sent out an 8-page newsletter like the “Horizon Science Academy,” a congressman would be crawling up their behinds questioning why they are allowed to teach our children. However, this charter school is about to get tax-exempt bonds to finance their little money-making “non-profit” skool. Oh, did I misspell that? “This […]

Fine furniture ala Esrati

by David Esrati on June 14, 2011

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In the next few days- I was going to post the details of a set of three Bruno Mathsson mid-century modern chairs (2 Evas and one Pernilla/Miranda chaise). My parents have finally decided to declutter the cottage- and get some more practical seating. I was going to take pictures of the actual chairs- and get […]