Found dog. Need to find the owner.

Dog found in Dayton's South Park Historic District

We call him George. He belongs to someone.

George came the same day that my kidney stones did.

Harbinger of things to come? Not. He is half beaver/woodchuck- our woodpile is slowly being turned into woodchips- and he’s likely to find shoes, dog leashes and smelly socks and drag them around the house.

I feel bad that besides notifying the neighborhood- and posting on CraigsList- we’ve not done much until today to try to find his home. He had 2 collars on.

He’s about 25lbs, maybe 3-4 months old, and sweet as can be. He’s starting to get the housebreaking thing- and he actually likes his cage.

If you recognize him-we’d love to let you have him back. If not, I think he wouldn’t mind staying.

He was found the morning of Aug 27 in South Park- where he was spotted with another, bigger dog a little before my kids brought him home.

You can call 937.228.4433 to arrange to meet him, if you think he’s yours.

If you want to print out a flyer and hang it up: George poster


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Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

That’s a cute pup!!  Unfortunately, I don’t think that Bubbadog is up to having a puppy in the house.  His naps would be disturbed!  And I’m not sure that Bubbette would take too kindly to having my dirty socks drug around the house!

David – have you taken him to the pound or to a vets office to have them check him for an embedded chip that might have ID in it?  You might have to take him to a couple of different places depending on what chip scanners they have.  I think there are two different major dog-chip manufacturers and their scanners cannot read each others chips.

Good luck finding his humans. 


So, wait … you have four dogs now? LOL

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

Good luck finding him a home.  And, Happy 50th! ;)