Ziggy’s Ritz- YOU SUCK.

We went to Ziggy’s Ritz. 5670 Springboro Pike, Dayton OH at 9pm tonight- the doors were open- and the smell of smoke still greeted us before we got through the doors.
I asked the girl at the door why I smelled smoke- and she said “Cause they’re not enforcing the law in bars for 6 months”-
I told her she was breaking the law- and she said they weren’t.
I was there to see my 17 year old employee be the DJ- he doesn’t smoke- but after less than 3 minutes in the place- our clothes stank.
Please take away their liquor license- if they can’t follow something as simple as a non-smoking law- they probably can’t ID properly- or collect taxes.
They didn’t have the required sign posted on the door either.

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Darth Vader

Yeah they do suck i beat everyone in there at darts multiple times!! HAHA


If ya don’t like smoke, then don’t fucking go out!! Taking away smoking, is taking away another one of our human rights. Pretty soon, we won’t have any left.


I think a bar owner should decide for him/herself…. however, David Esrati talks about “breaking the law,” but he will not enforce simple laws in reference to drugs, immigration, tax codes, or hustling one business proposals/artistic integrity. Now that makes him a leader of Dayton. FITS IN…………


Sad – smoking is one of the many freedoms our country has earned and been proud of for centuries … without tobacco many of you may not exist by the sheer fact your families would never have settled here in the first place.
The smokers in this country deserve to smoke freely just as the non-smokers deserve to enjoy smoke free areas freely.
Just as a smoker wouldn’t frequent a nonsmoking establish – a nonsmoker has that same choice … oh wait – with the new law ramping up to go into effect – uhm – smokers no longer have that right – !? Right?!
if you don’t want to be around smoke then don’t go where there are smokers.
Clearly – people should have the right to choose … establishments should also have the right to choose which of the two they prefer to solicit to as well … it’s the new segregation of our wonderful United States!
(btw – I am a non-smoker! … everyone should have rights to be free in their prefernces)


Okay. deal with it. If people want to smoke they have as much a right to as you do to go home and watch tv. If this bull law isnt being enforced for another 6 months, deal with it. It shouldent be there in the first place because its a violation of our rights, or did I forget something and this isnt america?


“To implement and enforce this new law, the Director of Health will adopt rules focusing on enforcement authority and procedures. While ORC Chapter 3794 became effective Dec. 7, 2006, the director of health then has six months, or until June 7, 2007, to adopt rules.”

Other things that are rights that the government regulates besides smoking:

1) Marriage between two people
2) Drug usage
3) Abortion

mind speaker
mind speaker

I think public indoor places should NOT allow smoking because i dont think the non-smokers shoule suffer becuase smokers want to die early!! Not being able to smoke in public indoor places does not take away your freedom but to make those places more fresh and clean. You can still smoke outdoors so stop complaining on how not being to smoke indoors take away your freedom. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

bobby allen

darth vader sucks.  i would use a cartoon name too if i was him. i’ve beaten him at darts. so what.


you idiot! They’re not the only one that has smoking. I think you just need  to stay home and not whining you little baby


you idiot! They’re not the only one that has smoking. I think you just need  to stay home and stop whining you little baby


Get a life- if people weren’t idiots when they voted we wouldn’t have this issue. If you don’t like smoke- stay at home!! The only reason that law passed is because they let idiots vote when they have no idea what they are reading. 

bobby allen
bobby allen

personally i think smoking should be illegal since everybody knows it kills so many people every year.
but since it is legal you should be able to smoke in any place that allows it. let the non-smokers go to places where smoking is not allowed. i smoke sometimes when i am drinking and i don’t think a non-smoker should be able to stop me.
lets all vote to make a law that says you will get arrested ANYWHERE that you do not have a cigarette in your mouth you will be arrested. i think we all know that 95% of people that voted for that law do not even go to bars.
so shut the hell up and leave smokers alone !!!!!!!


It’s a bar lady. Quit being a drama queen.

Ice Bandit
…of all the dives and gin joints in this world she had to walk into this one. The watering hole was named Ziggy’s Ritz and I was working deep undercover. If my cover was blown and my real identity as David Esrati, ace volunteer detective with the Ohio Bureau of Smoke Detection was known, my investigation would be literally up in smoke. So I pulled the collars of my trenchcoat over the side of my face and tilted my fedora over my forehead. I was shocked, shocked to see the rampant law breaking going on in front of me; Marlboros being lit and enjoyed. Winstons and Camels were the drug of choice in this dive, and I was determined to bring them to justice. I could barely contain my rage when the doors swung open and she entered. To say she was classy was like saying the Bob Hope was a comedian. She had a face that Saint Peter would mistake for one of his assistants, legs that the Radio City Rockettes would envy and a balcony you could do Shakespeare from. When she looked my way, and ambled toward my barstool, I almost forgot my mission. She sat down next to me, her intoxicating perfume almost making me forget the choking smoke fumes that filled this den of inequity. For a few minutes we made small talk, and she seemed to like my company. But then she reached into her Dolce and Gabbana purse and pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims. Slowly she pulled one from the pack and placed it to her full and lucious lips. “Would you like to go back to my place?,” she asked sweetly. “Only if your place is smoker’s court,” I said, slamming the trap shut and handing her a $100 citation. “You may be smokin’ hot, sweetcheeks, but you’re also smoking.” Being Dayton’s chief smoke investigator is tough and often thankless work, I thought to myself. But as long as some low life lights up in an Ohio tavern in violation of the smoking ban, I’ll never rest. Or my name… Read more »
Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

^^^  That’s Pulitzer Prize stuff right there!!  Good stuff, Bandito!


How can it be that the people who most value freedom on earth, American’s, have so little concept about what the word even means?  You do not have a “right” to enter MY bar!  You do not set the terms upon which we will engage in business.  Either we negotiate or I, the seller, sets the conditions and you agree…as the product or service is mine, I decide for what I will relinquish it.
The concept of “positive rights” is destroying people’s ability to understand the very nature of rights and poses the biggest threat to freedom that I have ever seen.
As opposed to a system where a monarch or a tyrant rules, and can be overthrown, we now have a system where “freedoms” and “rights” are decided by whim.
Please read “The Ethics of Liberty” by Rothbard and “Democracy – The God That Failed” by Hoppe

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

You’re right Jesse!!  You as the owner of a building/business should be able to decide if you want smoking in it or not.  And, either the market will support you or they won’t.
Maybe our benevolent host, Mr. E, will be so kind as to link up the thread that was on this website back when the issue was coming up for a vote.  If my foggy memory serves me correctly, I posted similar sentiments back then.  Our host responded with something about needing to protect the young workers in the bars from second hand smoke.  God bless the nanny state!!

Robert Vigh
Robert Vigh

Smoking should be illegal. So should fast food for obvious reasons. There should also be a regulation on sugar intake and there should be a mechanism to log the # of hours children can watch TV or play video games because of their contribution to ADD. 
However, I think that children that watch less television than the regulated allotment should be able to sell their additional unused sugar and hours in a cap and trade system to other children. 
And why not? If I can get enough people to vote the way I feel, we can totally ignore the freedom of those affected. We can completely “instruct” people on how they should utilize their property and also live their lives. And society would be better for it. We would all be slim, trim, philosophically ignorant and ready for our fuhrer. 
It is patently obvious that the author had no other options except Ziggy’s. He was forced to go and I empathize with his anger at his superior non-smoking attitude and the lack of anyone to forcibly punish those that were inferior to him this night. For, does Ziggy’s not understand, that was is theirs is ours? Certainly we did not put mortar to brick, nor design the products nor the menu, but are we not all an inner connected species? Are we not the architects of this society upon which Ziggy’s chooses to rest? How can they possibly ignore our sentiment, how can they pretend to choose paths for themselves when we have so clearly laid before them the best possible option? 
This thought process is damaging to the freedom and health of all of us. There should be outrage and we should replace the owners of Ziggy’s with someone more apt to understanding there is no such thing as private property. 

Ice Bandit

  Robert Vigh. You can remove your tongue from your cheek now…


It’s 3 years later and people smoke all the time there, even the guy checking ID’s and taking money at the door! So they are breaking the law and don’t care. Another bar southof Dayton doing the same is Bojangles. I guess Ohio doesn’t have the resources to enforce the law.


Good God!!!   who cares how many years its been and people still smoking there!  quit your bitchin’ and just never go in there!  I”m sure Ziggys won’t close down cuz it didn’t get your bar sales!  


“You may be smokin’ hot, sweetcheeks, but you’re also smoking.”  – Ice Bandit

Ha!  Timeless storytelling Ice.  I was hoping you would have slipped in a “don’t be a Dragon Lady” reference to this classic PSA.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVxn4s4-LvQ


Anyone remember how Applebee’s chose to go nonsmoking well before the law was passed in Ohio? I was a non-smoker then. To this day I won’t eat at Applebee’s. I realize they aren’t missing my business any, but it’s matter of principal.
I was at a bar the night the law went into effect. At the time I thought I’d never get to go out again. For a 20 something, that’s a little depressing, but I’d rather stand for what I believe in. I’ve actually only been out to a bar once since and it was after I heard the law wasn’t being enforced. Good. I don’t tell you that you have to smoke, so you aren’t going to tell me I can’t.
Allergies to smoke are rare and if I’m around someone with them, I won’t smoke. That’s rude. I’ve never had a problem with the smell, don’t understand the fuss about how smoke seeps through from the smoking section to the non smoking section, and even while eating, have never been bothered when friends light up across from me. I’ve been a smoker, been a non smoker and through it all have never been bothered and never understood the whining about it.
It should 100% be up to the businesses to decide. I have no problem with that. I don’t think any of us do.  That’s a law for which I would be willing to vote!


You should first learn the english language before opening your ignorant mouth. This is the best bar in Dayton hands down idiot. What parent lets their 17 year old work in a bar. Go to hell fruit cake.