Ziggy’s Ritz- YOU SUCK.

We went to Ziggy’s Ritz. 5670 Springboro Pike, Dayton OH at 9pm tonight- the doors were open- and the smell of smoke still greeted us before we got through the doors.
I asked the girl at the door why I smelled smoke- and she said “Cause they’re not enforcing the law in bars for 6 months”-
I told her she was breaking the law- and she said they weren’t.
I was there to see my 17 year old employee be the DJ- he doesn’t smoke- but after less than 3 minutes in the place- our clothes stank.
Please take away their liquor license- if they can’t follow something as simple as a non-smoking law- they probably can’t ID properly- or collect taxes.
They didn’t have the required sign posted on the door either.

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