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I go to the Dayton Daily News editorial board on Wednesday. I need an endorsement to run if they choose to endorse Jane Mitakides or Charles Sanders for the seat. They sent instructions. Since this is a populist campaign, I’m wondering if any of my readers might want to submit what they think Dayton Daily News readers should see- next to an endorsement of Jane or Charles.

Here are their instructions:

A letter of endorsement of their candidacy from a person of their choosing. This should be no more than 150 words and it will be printed in the paper and posted only. The “recommender” must sign his/her name and include his/her title or association w/ the candidate.

While others may ask some “name brand” endorser- I’d like to hear from all of you- and let you decide on which letter should be submitted. Put it in the comments. You can work collectively- or together to refine it. Please, if you want me to have a chance, stick to the strengths (you don’t have enough words to hit the negatives :-)

T hank you.

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I’ll take a shot (reworking an earlier post I made () to get down to 150 words)…

(Full disclosure – my family and I moved to the Seattle area last year, so I don’t have the opportunity to vote for David in this election. I would if I could!)

My family and I lived next door to David Esrati for 10 years, so I feel qualified to weigh in on David’s strengths, and his challenges.

Important things to know about David:
• David doesn’t talk about Urban Renewal from a house in the suburbs – he lives, works, and employs others in one of Dayton’s downtown neighborhoods .
• David doesn’t just talk about helping youth – he was a Big Brother for years.
• To reduce consumption of foreign oil and lower carbon emissions, David rides a scooter (not just because it makes him look cool). ?
• David doesn’t pontificate about patriotism – he served in the Army Special Forces.

David Esrati is as geniune as they come. That may hurt him in this election…going against polished, career politicians, David’s straightforward approach may strike some as brusque – but David will fight for the people of Dayton!

yvan melnikoff
yvan melnikoff

Here’s my two cents,…and 143 words worth,…

Regional survival hinges on creative change. The closed door, back room old school system is broken and David Esrati has a library full of realistic solutions. Small business owner, army veteran, urban renewal pioneer, Ohio’s 3rd district can count on David Esrati for the unvarnished politics of common sense reasoning. True two way communication is a key leadership skill and David has that. Esrati consistently produces policy statements on every issue for anyone to read and regularly posts feedback on the input he receives. Count on David to protect all the interests of Ohio’s 3rd district as thoroughly as he researches and writes on the issues that affect our region. Check his websites. Expect David to carry his family’s values as your family’s values. It’s the only way he knows. Ohio’s 3rd district needs David Esrati’s tough minded problem solving approach in Washington.

Yvan Melnikoff


As the March Hare observed to Alice, people should say what they mean. David Esrati should be in Congress because he is one of those rare individuals who says what he means. What’s more, David’s words and his actions match; he practices what he preaches – from urban renewal, to mentoring troubled youth, to being a true advocate for the people. After reading his blog and after one short meeting, I knew I’d met someone of true morality. He has judgment to distinguish right from wrong; courage to do what is right; dedication to that which is just; and integrity that’s not for sale – at any price. I am tired of my choice on the ballot being reduced to the lesser of two evils. David Esrati is a candidate I can believe and, more importantly, believe in. He is the only candidate who will truly be a Representative of the people.

Donnette Fisher
Miamisburg, Ohio


I had the pleasure of getting to know David when I first moved back to the Dayton area in 2003. Rarely have I known someone with as much integrity and honesty as David. Although I tend to vote and think further to the right on the political spectrum, I admire David because of his intelligence, originality and courage to not only speak his mind, but do it based on sincere personal convictions – convictions built upon a genuine commitment to helping others and his community. I’ve known all too well the opposites of David throughout my adult life and I’ve personally experienced the intense harm – emotional, psychological and financial – that can and is often inflicted upon others by those who occupy positions of responsibility, whether in business or public leadership roles. David not only learned the most fundamental of lessons when serving in the military, but he effectively applies it to everything he says, does and believes. That fundamental lesson is honor and that is why I respect and support David in his run for representation of the Ohio 3rd district in Washington, D.C.

Jim Crotty
Fellow Small Business Owner
Centerville, Ohio


David Esrati has my endorsement, my support, and my vote in the OH-3 Congressional race. He’s earned it with his uncompromising personal integrity and honesty; his courage and optimism in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds; his commitment to social justice and equality; and his passionate and creative vision of a better future for Ohio, the United States, and the world as a whole. He doesn’t just talk about his “values”, he actually lives them.

Esrati is a real representative of this district. He understands and shares the concerns of the people who feel voiceless and powerless against the forces that impact their daily lives: corporate greed, media manipulation, political corruption, and an unjust, never-ending, pre-emptive war. No other candidate will empower us and let us be heard like Esrati will. He’ll fight to the finish for what’s right and serve us conscientiously and with honor.

Pam Strohmeyer,