Your chance to be famous.

I go to the Dayton Daily News editorial board on Wednesday. I need an endorsement to run if they choose to endorse Jane Mitakides or Charles Sanders for the seat. They sent instructions. Since this is a populist campaign, I’m wondering if any of my readers might want to submit what they think Dayton Daily News readers should see- next to an endorsement of Jane or Charles.

Here are their instructions:

A letter of endorsement of their candidacy from a person of their choosing. This should be no more than 150 words and it will be printed in the paper and posted only. The “recommender” must sign his/her name and include his/her title or association w/ the candidate.

While others may ask some “name brand” endorser- I’d like to hear from all of you- and let you decide on which letter should be submitted. Put it in the comments. You can work collectively- or together to refine it. Please, if you want me to have a chance, stick to the strengths (you don’t have enough words to hit the negatives :-)

T hank you.

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