Yet another “National Search”

Our whole police department must be full of losers and idiots. At least that’s the message when I see the words “National Search.”

If you don’t have a number 2 ready to step up to fill your shoes, you shouldn’t be number 1.

National search planned for police director
The city of Dayton will conduct a national search to find a replacement for Police Director Julian K. Davis, who plans to retire from the police department by the end of June, according to City Manager Rashad Young.

This has gone on for too long in Dayton. Part of your job review should include “who would take over your job if you were hit by a bus tomorrow, and would they be capable?”

If not, the person being evaluated should be directed to begin work to make sure this is remedied by the next evaluation, or take a pay cut.

Outside consultants should be our last resort to fix things. Lets put a vote of confidence in our homegrown talent.

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