Wright State blinks

Governor DeWine was in town today to speak about the opiate crisis.

Maybe he slipped some dope to the Wright State trustees and the President, because they just mellowed out a bit with their bullshit bluster

From: Wright State Communications <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2019 5:29 PM
To: [email protected][email protected]
Subject: [OFFICIAL-L] Tuition refund period for full-term classes extended to February 1


Your success remains our top priority. We continue to identify where disruptions have occurred in your classes and are working quickly to avoid further interruptions.

If you are considering dropping a class, please contact Raider Connect at [email protected] or 937-775-4000.

Before taking any action that may impact the progress toward your degree, scholarships, or financial aid eligibility, we want to help you and make sure you understand all of the options that exist to help you stay on track to graduate, which may include changes to your class schedule.

The late registration fee will be waived to assist you if changes to your schedule are necessary.

In addition, we are extending the refund period for full-term classesThe new deadline is Friday, February 1, at 5:00 p.m.

In our commitment to ensure that you continue to meet your academic goals, we encourage you to reach out to let us help you if you are experiencing difficulties with your class schedule. Our student success teams continue to gather resources and stand ready to assist you.

Susan L. Edwards, Ph.D.


Adding a week to the ticking time bomb of watching another 10% or more abandon the sinking ship while Dr. Schrader pretends her going in and teaching 2 classes is really making a difference. Not only is this akin to the Captain of the Titanic denying the ship is sinking, it’s as if she’s over on the quarterdeck playing piano while everyone else is fighting to get in the life boats.
The Dayton Daily news has been publishing the bullshit that the administration has been sending out about classes still in session, and that the number of AAUP faculty is a less than a third of their instructors- by inflating  numbers with the Med School staff who aren’t normally included, and by suggesting that half the AAUP members are in their classes ignoring the strike- which is, wait for it, fake news. No reporter has gone on campus to see what’s going on. That would actually involve reporting.
Or even fishing on facebook- like this:
**Update on the strike at Wright State for any family/friends who have been wondering.** Tuesday I did not have a professor for my Field Seminar class (as promised to me and my classmates). Wednesday nights my professor will still be teaching (she’s an adjunct and stated that she didn’t want to teach but knew that we needed her). And as of this morning, we have been updated that an unqualified individual will be covering our online Social Work Practice 3 class. As seniors, this is a very hard time for us. We love all of our professors and wish that they were not forced out of the classroom to fight for a better work environment. Today I will be going to “class” to have my attendance taken by a staff member & hoping the university found a QUALIFIED individual to substitute. If not, it will be another day that’s gone by that I’m not receiving the education I deserve & worked so hard for. ~Shelby Boyd
Or this:
As a student attending Wright State University I’m am greatly disappointed and sadden by my school. I respect the professors and what they’re doing, but the board who say they “care about us” ya they don’t. I have had 3 classes were the professors are striking in and I only have 1 being covered just one. The others I have no idea what they are doing about even if they are attempting to find someone. They have threatened us talking about if we don’t show up they will take away our financial aid, so we just have to show up to sign a piece of paper. That is a waste of our time, education and our gas. We already are stressing with the classes we are taking without the fact of our teachers striking and not know what is happening for our future. I just want the board to start renegotiating so things can go back to normal and relive some of my stress.~Samantha Pastrana

The Board is going into executive session on Friday. Jan 25, 2019 at 2pm. They’ve now given themselves a whole week before the financial pyramid scheme they’ve been propping up collapses as massive numbers of students withdraw, and potentially sue in a class action lawsuit. It isn’t the faculties fault that this very same board whistled dixie for years while blowing through money buying un-needed buildings from future board presidents, failing to evaluate the president, lying to the public about raising $150M in the “Rise.Shine” campaign, or total ineptitude at basic financial accounting and following the law on H1-B visas.

If DeWine has half a brain, he’d remove them all tomorrow, bring in a new board, remove Scrader, and Larry Chan and fire the hired negotiator who has been advising them. Sources say Board Chair Doug Fecher has refused to entertain outside mediation, and has been driving this shit-show. Of course, if attention comes back to the reality that he’s the one who put $5M plus into Wright Patt Credit Union’s pocket for a building that Wright State has ZERO use for, it’s bad for him and his pal, Bob Mills, who has been playing games with Wright States money for a long time. The $1.3M loss that WSU took when Mills sold the building that ATIC was in, is being ignored as well.

If this state had an Auditor or an Attorney General, or a Governor that actually wasn’t on the take, this board would have been gone 4 years ago, WSARC and WSRI and ATIC and Double Bowler and WBI would all be cut off from Wright State and left to twist in the wind on their own. To properly make up for the debacle that Robert Sweeney oversaw- the failed Presidential debate, the university would have fired him, and started considering cutting costs by moving back to Div II athletics while this University digs itself out of the hole this board dug it into.

If the board is to be reconstituted, it should be from graduates who live in the area, that don’t serve on any other non-profits, non-governmental organizations, have not held political office, or who work for companies that have been implicated in the H1-B visa scam. It’s time to get Wright State back to the roots- educating the regions future talent. Wright State isn’t in competition with Sinclair, UD, Clark State, Central State or any other institution of higher ed- it’s just here to serve as an affordable way to get an education. Like the one I got.
BSB Marketing, 1988.

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