Wright State at deaths door due to stupidity

The Wright State strike continues. There is no reason for it to.

The Administration and Board insist on lying to the public- the argument isn’t over the union’s separate health care plan, it’s about the ability of the union to negotiate the terms of changes in the health care plan.

The union has made concessions.

The Board has not. Instead, WSU President, Dr. Schrader insists on trying to divide the university by calling the current faculty plan “A Cadillac” health care plan.

What Schrader dosn’t say is that the university has her on a Cadillac pay plan, as well as a whole bunch of people who helped run the university into the ground that haven’t been punished or held accountable at the very least.

The giant sucking sound of dollars leaving the university was caused by the people on the board of trustees, who set up illegal programs to help their own companies, who created slush fund organizations to give high paying jobs to their friends in the community, including former congressmen and developers henchmen.

The university faculty, staff and students have suffered at the hands of fools for long enough. The correct answer right now is for the board to be removed as incompetent, and Schrader fired. Bring back Dr. McCray as an interim to put things back on track, shut down the off campus toilets flushing the funds down the drain: WSRI, WSARC, Double Bowler, and move forward.

In the day of verifiable transparency, telling the community that classes are covered, and extending the drop deadline only go so far.

My recommendation to students is to video record and post to YouTube the “covered classes” you are paying for- and not getting. Use the Hashtag #WrightStateStrike.

With the new drop deadline coming, the university needs to realize that it will not recover from another 10% enrollment drop.

Agreeing to leave health care as a bargaining chip won’t kill the university. Losing your students will.

The Board and Administration needs to stop claiming that this is a fiscal issue, they have no standing on fiscal responsibility. It’s a power grab- and the people who didn’t screw up shouldn’t be used to demonstrate your power. You are all replaceable. The students and faculty are not.

The question is why governor DeWine is letting this university fail on his watch. He can fix this in minutes. That he’s letting it drag on, makes him also criminally complicit in the devaluation of our community asset, Wright State.

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