Wine, Cheese and honesty- Saturday night

Starting at 7pm. 23 February 08.

I’ve been informed that Pam and Juan have decided to throw a house party/fundraiser at Pam’s. Donations not required- but gladly accepted. If you aren’t bringing a check made out to Elect Esrati- bring your own beverages :-)

For those of you who’ve never met me- or want to put me on the hot-seat, this is your chance.

Location: 1736 Sherwood Forest Miamisburg OH 45342

We may have some door prizes, and a few other fun things, possibly an auction for some cool art too. If you’d like to donate stuff to raise funds- let us know. All the money donated will go directly to running the new TV ad.

We’ll also have bumper stickers and buttons with the “Honest. To a fault” slogan available, and have postcards for you to distribute to your friends and neighbors.

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J.R. Locke

Is this place in fairy tale land or what? All the roads named after Anglo-Saxon mythology. The meeting of a band of merry-men. Oh the suburbs ;)

David Esrati
David Esrati

I didn’t name the streets. And, it’s part of the district. Hope you can make it.


Ha! We were hoping to have a Robin Hood Theme Night: robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, so bring your checkbook. And if you wear tights, you’ll get an instant doorprize.

BTW: I used to live in the Snow White Subdivision, but I had to move. I couldn’t hear myself think with all those pesky dwarves constantly whistling while they worked.



Pam, You are hilarious! I used to live on Merry John Dr. in the same Hood and think a Robin Hood theme night would be a lot of fun(especially if it nets us enough money to get David on TV). I think Shannon might change his mind about coming though, since I told him I know I have a pair of tights to fit him. Look forward to seeing YOU Saturday, we saw enough of David today!

David Esrati
David Esrati

Bad news- Bad Juan broke his leg while carrying wine in the parking lot- and is going to have to have surgery. No word yet on if the wine broke.
So- Juan, we’ll raise a glass to you-
campaign finance reports were due today- see the post
I’m proud to say I have more donors than Jane- and no one that gave the max.
I’m not going to buy my way in- if I can’t win on the strength of my ideas and character- why do it?


From what I’ve heard, that’s not quite how it happened, but it makes a great story—taking one for the team. :-)

Anyway, the jury is still out on Juan. Don’t count him out just yet.
I hope he finds a way to hobble over here so we can put a bumper sticker on his cast.

Get well soon, Juan!


Yeah, David – not EXACTLY the way it happened. Actually, I slipped AFTER drinking the wine! Well, that’s NOT what happened either. The REAL story is sooooo lame I won’t even bother typing it.

I’m going to do my damndest to get there. Especially since it’s turning into a theme party. And…I look GREAT in tights. Plus, there’s no way a conservative like me wants to pass on an opportunity to spend an evening with a house full of liberals! ;)


We’re still on for tonight, regardless of the weather.
But I do seem to live atop Montgomery County’s Mt. Everest.
The hills in my neighborhood are steep and slippery from the freezing rain we got. Coming home last evening, I had to try 3 streets before I found one that wasn’t too icy for me to make it up the hill.

If you don’t have front wheel or 4 wheel drive and you have trouble with Heincke, here’s what my sherpa recommends:

Take South Alex to South Elm.
From South Elm turn Left onto Sherwood Forest.
1736 Sherwood Forest is maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile from South Elm, on your left.
I’ll have some Esrati signs in the yard to make it obvious.

Maybe it won’t even be an issue by tonight, but I wanted to post this just in case.